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Undergraduate Academics Cover

Undergraduate Academics

Prepare for your kingdom assignment in biblical justice, children's ministry, preaching, creative arts, and more.

Undergraduate Degrees

Curricular Areas & Goals

  • Overview

    The curriculum of Ozark Christian College includes courses in three areas: General Education, Biblical Education, and Professional Education.

  • General Education (GE)

    The General Education (GE) curriculum contributes to the learning goal by equipping students with the foundational skills, knowledge, and disposition necessary to be productive, well-informed, and ethical members of society. More specifically, our general education curriculum both (a) prepares students for the more specialized learning of our biblical and professional curriculum, and (b) provides the skills necessary to apply this learning to the settings and problems they will engage in the world we are sending them out to serve.

  • Biblical Education (BE)

    The Biblical Education (BE) curriculum contributes to the learning goal by equipping students to know and affirm the content of the Bible and interpret it to discern the author’s intended meaning. It will also contribute to the spiritual formation of students so that they can effectively serve in the church and the world. This biblical foundation will guide students in forming a Christian worldview and philosophy of ministry to be developed in the general and professional curricula.

  • Professional Education (PE)

    The Professional Education (PE) curriculum contributes to the learning goal by preparing students with practical instruction for effective ministry inside the church vocationally or in the larger marketplace. Through classroom instruction and field experience, as well as an emphasis on Christian service, students will be equipped with a framework that is designed to shape their motives, strategies, applications, and practices of various ministry skills.

  • Students will be able to…

    The courses within the three areas of the curriculum work together so that upon completion of the course of study at Ozark Christian College, students will be able to…

    GE 1: Communicate effectively in written and oral forms.

    GE 2: Think critically from a Christian worldview.

    GE 3: Demonstrate skills necessary for lifelong learning.

    GE 4: Engage collaboratively to accomplish shared objectives.

    GE 5: Appreciate and responsibly engage the physical world and diverse cultures, both past and present.

    GE 6: Integrate learning and experiences to new settings and complex problems.

    GE 7: Solve quantitative problems from everyday life situations.

    BE 1: Articulate the historical and theological content of the Bible.

    BE 2: Employ historical-grammatical principles for biblical interpretation.

    BE 3: Affirm one’s personal belief in the lordship of Jesus and in the authority of the Scriptures.

    BE 4: Grow in spiritual formation and develop plans for continued growth.

    PE 1: Integrate a Christian service philosophy, biblical theology, cultural context, and call to ministry (vocation).

    PE 2: Demonstrate the ability to engage the culture in which Christian service takes place.

    PE 3: Execute the principles of biblical discipleship within their Christian service context.

    PE 4: Demonstrate professional competencies in Christian service contexts.

Disability Services

  • Ozark Christian College is committed to full compliance with all laws regarding equal opportunity for students with disabilities. Students, the faculty, and the Academics Office all play a role in ensuring that reasonable and appropriate accommodations are provided in a timely and effective manner.