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About Residence Life and Dorm Life

A huge part of campus life at OCC happens in our residence halls. Six halls—three men’s and three women’s—are home away from home to our residential students. All residence rooms are designed for double occupancy, with the option for a single occupancy for an additional fee, as space allows.

Each residence hall floor is led by a resident assistant—a student who helps facilitate community and oversee residence hall life—as well as residence directors who live in an apartment attached to the hall's lobby and serve as an on-campus “Mom” and “Dad” to the residents.

Women's Residence Halls

Men's Residence Halls

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is provided in the building?

    Free laundry, microwave, and a full size fridge in the utility room, bed and mattress: twin (women); twin extra long (men), 4-gallon wastebasket, dresser, closet, desk, overhead lighting mirror, window blinds, internet access cable, TV (in lobby) microwave (in the first floor laundry room).

  • What are the bathrooms like?

    Community bathrooms with individual stalls. Bathrooms with stalls and enclosed showers on each floor.

  • How big are the rooms?

    Each room is double-occupancy (two students per room).

  • Can you move the furniture?

    Currently, there are select dorms that have furniture you can move. While the other dorms do not all have furniture you can move, we are in the process of renovating all the residence halls to make this possible in the future.

  • How does getting a roommate work?

    You may either request a roommate if you know someone before, or you may fill out the roommate compatibility form and be assigned a random roommate.

  • Can I have a single room?

    Single rooms are reserved for upperclassmen upon special request

  • What is the residence director/resident assistant relationship like?

    There are residence directors who live in each dorm. They live in an apartment attached to the dorms. Lovingly referred to as dorm parents, these are trusted people who are available to help keep order as well as be a listening ear and person to turn to.

    The resident assistants are upperclassmen who live on the dorm floors, providing leadership and guidance on the floor.

  • What is allowed and not allowed?

    You may bring a mini fridge (one per room) and coffee pot. No cooking appliances or microwaves in the room. Irons are not allowed in rooms but can be used in utility rooms. No pets. Here is a link to the dorm packing list.

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