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Undergraduate Residential Cost

Undergraduate Residential Cost Hero

Use our cost calculator and full cost breakdown to estimate your total cost to attend OCC. For questions concerning financial aid or scholarships, contact [email protected] or 417.626.1206.

When you complete your FAFSA here, enter OCC's code 015569.

Full Cost Breakdown


  • $499 Tuition cost per hour (credit)
  • $100 Tuition cost per hour (audit)
  • $374.25 Senior citizen (60 and older) tuition cost per hour (credit)


  • $515 Enrollment/Student Services fees for full-time students (9 hours or more)
  • $380 Enrollment/Student Services fees for part-time students (5-8 hours, or with 4 hours or less and living in the dorm)
  • $125 Enrollment fees for students attending 4 hours or less


  • $3,385 Housing+ 110 Plan
  • $3,600 Housing+ 175 Plan
  • $3,815 Housing+ 240 Plan
  • $390 “Flex 40” Commuter Plan: This meal plan is available for commuter students only and includes 40 meals per semester.
  • $720 “Flex 80” Commuter Plan: This meal plan is available for commuter students only and includes 80 meals per semester.
  • $75 Room Maintenance Deposit (refundable)

Scholarships and Personalized Cost Estimate

Estimate your financial aid and scholarship options with our Net Price Calculator.

Undergraduate Residential Payment Policy

  • OCC Payment Options

    Registering for and attending college creates a financial obligation, and that obligation necessitates a plan for fulfilling payment. Upon a student’s registration and the completion of their financial aid file, preliminary charges and preliminary aid can be accessed on the OCC student portal. OCC students have two payment options:

    1. Pay in full: complete payment of tuition, fees, room and meal charges (less anticipated aid).
      • Fall: August 1
      • Spring: January 2
      • Summer: June 1
    2. Enroll in the Payment Plan: Ozark offers the opportunity to spread your bill over four interest-free monthly payments. The only cost for this service is an administrative fee of $30 to be assessed each semester this payment option is used. The enrollment form is available on the OCC student portal (
  • Payment Deadlines


    • Payment 1: September 1
    • Payment 2: October 1
    • Payment 3: November 1
    • Payment 4: December 1


    • Payment 1: February 1
    • Payment 2: March 1
    • Payment 3: April 1
    • Payment 4: May 1


    • Payment 1: June 1
    • Payment 2: July 1
  • Payment Policy Additional Note

    Note: Failure to fulfill the payment agreement will result in the following:

    • A late payment fee of $35 will be assessed each month that payment is more than seven (7) days past due.
    • Transcripts will not be released if payment is past due.
    • May result in administrative withdrawal from class and residence hall.
    • Students are not allowed to attend future semesters until student account and bookstore balances are paid in full.

Financial Aid Contact

If you have any questions concerning your financial aid, please do not hesitate to call us at (417) 626-1234 or email us at [email protected].