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The Bachelor of Arts in Student Ministry degree at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri, is one of the best in the country. In fact, over the last ten years, 98.8% of OCC student ministry graduates who pursued a student ministry position were placed in one. Kevin Greer, the director of OCC's student ministry program, has over 30 years of youth ministry experience. You’ll also study under great guest teachers like CIY’s Jayson French and Lane Moss, Lori Murillo, and Dusty Frizzell, and you'll receive over 50 hours of Bible training and 18 hours of specialized student ministry training.

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  • 125


  • 30+


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  • History of Ancient Israel

    A study of the Old Testament historical books Genesis through Joshua focusing on chronological history. The course includes summaries and introductions to the various books, questions over the text, and information about the redemptive plan of God to save the world. Students will learn the facts of the text through lecture, discussions, assigned reading, and projects.

  • Life of Christ

    Semester one covers the beginnings of the gospel up through the first year of ministry. It concentrates on the birth narratives, early Judean ministry, and early Galilean ministry. Major sermons: Jesus’ deity and credentials (John 5) and the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Students will concentrate on learning Jesus’ primary identity and proclamation of the kingdom.

  • Romans

    An exegetical study of Paul’s letter to the Romans based on grammatical, socio-cultural, literary, theological, and pastoral insights from both the Greek and English texts with special emphasis on the nature of the gospel of salvation in Christ and its impact on the shape of Christian communities in the first-century and today. Students will learn the purposes and arguments of Romans as well as the details of key texts and their theological and pastoral implications.

  • Principles of Interpretation

    A study of the universal principles of interpretation as applied to interpreting language. Students will learn how to accurately interpret and apply the Bible.

  • Essentials of Christian Mission and Culture

    Studies fundamental areas of missions. Surveying world needs, tracing missions throughout Scripture, and studying the overview of the many roles of mission work around the world. Students develop both a broad and biblical perspective on missions. Lecture, media, reading, and discussion.

  • Principles of Discipleship and Evangelism

    This course is a critical examination of evangelism and discipleship as one continuous development of the spiritual life. Students will be given models, strategies, and biblical examples that both individuals and churches can use to help people grow to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. The class will include lecture, discussion, case studies, and course assignments.

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Student Ministry Program Description and Outcomes

  • Program Description

    This program is aimed at training and inspiring the next wave of student ministers to effectively lead Christ-centered student ministries, guiding teenagers to become lifelong disciples of Jesus. Courses in this program are very practical in nature using lectures, projects, guest teachers, current studies of youth culture, and interviews with student workers on the field, hands-on experience, internships under veteran student ministry mentors, and one-on-one evaluation meetings each semester with the Student Ministry Program Coordinator.

  • Program Outcomes

    Students completing the BA in Student Ministry will be able to:

    1. Clearly state their purpose and goals for student ministry.

    2. Create a small group ministry for the purpose of discipleship and accountability for teens (adolescents).

    3. Purposefully recruit and lead a team of adult volunteers in ministry to teenagers.

    4. Design, administrate, and lead a Christ-centered student ministry for a specific context.

    5. Articulate issues of risk management in student ministry and create appropriate systems to manage potential issues.

    6. Effectively communicate lessons and sermons in a student ministry context.

    7. Identify the unique needs of adolescents and their family systems and be able to demonstrate spiritual and emotional pastoral care.

Meet Your Faculty Contact

  • “I believe that youth ministry is one of the most life-impacting careers anyone could ever choose. Our student ministry major exists to train and inspire the next wave of youth ministers to effectively lead a Jesus-centered student ministry, guiding teenagers to become lifelong, world-changing disciples of Jesus.”
    Kevin Greer 2023 square
    Kevin Greer Ministry Center Director | Youth Ministry Relations Director | Student Ministry Professor

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