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At Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri, we created the Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Ministry degree with the adult student in mind. This degree has a strong biblical emphasis and a variety of Bible and professional education courses. Adult students want an affordable, relational, and academically rigorous degree like Ozark offers, but they can't leave their homes, jobs, or churches to finish their degree. Ozark's online degree brings Ozark to you: just like our on-campus degrees, this online degree is affordable, relational, and academically rigorous.

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Bible and Ministry Program Descriptions and Outcomes

  • Program Description

    The Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Ministry degree is designed for the working adult student for whom moving to campus would not be feasible. The curriculum has been selected to continue in the long-standing OCC tradition of teaching the Bible and ministry courses through an exegetical theological perspective. The degree is also designed to accept the greatest amount of transfer work possible in order to make finishing an undergraduate degree an attainable goal. All the while, accreditation standards for general and biblical education are maintained.

    Students graduating with the Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Ministry will be prepared for careers in vocational church work and Christian non-profit organizations. The degree empowers students with substantial scriptural knowledge, opportunities for spiritual maturation, cultural evaluation skills, and the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills.

    Students who are able to transfer in 60 credit hours of coursework or an earned associate’s or bachelor’s degree may qualify to complete a two-year version of the degree program. At this time, because of the limited scope of online course offerings, students in this degree program are unable to add a minor.

  • Program Outcomes

    Students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Ministry will be able to:

    1. Exegete a biblical text in conjunction with the original context of the document.

    2. Interpret and appropriately apply biblical texts for a ministry context.

    3. Explain the theological categories and their relationship to biblical texts.

    4. Articulate a philosophy of Christian service consistent with a biblical theology.

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  • “The online Bachelor of Bible and Ministry degree is intended to resource adult students with the substantive and flexible biblical training they need to go where God is calling them. Students are challenged to grow intellectually, spiritually, and professionally so they are ready to be a blessing to the Church and the mission field.”
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    Brianna Allen Online Admissions Specialist

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