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Undergraduate Transfer Credit

As a high school student, you can develop your academic skills and cut your college costs by taking advantage of AP, CLEP, and Dual-Credit classes that your school offers.

Earning College Credit

  • Dual-Credit Transcripts

    Students must submit an official transcript from the college awarding the credit. Courses require a "C" or higher grade to be considered for transfer.

  • AP Credit

    OCC accepts certain credits earned through the College Board Advance Placement (AP) program. OCC's Advanced Placement credits chart details OCC accepted classes and the required score to receive the credit. Students must request an AP transcript and send it to OCC for review.

  • CLEP Credit

    Students seeking credit through a CLEP test must have the official scores sent from College Board. Students must request a CLEP transcript and send it to OCC for review. The test must be taken before a student enrolls and a score of 50 or higher must be received. Each test is worth 3 credit hours with a maximum of 12 credits hours allowed. OCC only accepts certain approved CLEP Test subjects.

General Education Credits

Transfer Credits from Partnering Schools

OCC works closely with its partner schools of Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) and Crowder College to maximize transfer credits. Take a look at the MSSU courses and Crowder College courses that meet OCC general education requirements.

Transfer Credits from Other Institutions

Take a look at courses from other institutions of higher education that meet specific OCC general education course requirements: