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Transfer Student Scholarships

Merit-Based Scholarships

  • Platinum Transfer
    • An automatic scholarship is in the amount of $12,000 ($1,500 per semester).
    • Awarded automatically to transfer students upon acceptance
    • Students must maintain an unweighted 3.5 GPA or higher to continue receiving the scholarship the following semester
  • Gold Transfer
    • This automatic scholarship is in the amount of $6,000 ($750 per semester).
    • Awarded automatically upon acceptance based on college GPA an unweighted 3.0-3.49 or higher GPA
  • Silver Transfer
    • This automatic scholarship is in the amount of $4,000 ($500 per semester).
    • Awarded automatically upon acceptance based on college GPA
    • an unweighted 2.5-2.9 or higher GPA

Mosaic Scholarships

  • Mosaic Leadership

    The Mosaic Leadership Scholarship recruits students who desire to be servant leaders in multiethnic, multicultural ministries and churches. This scholarship is worth up to $24,000 over the course of four years ($3,000 per semester). Up to six new Mosaic Leadership Scholarships are awarded each academic year. All incoming (freshman and/or transfer) students are encouraged to apply. Students of any ethnic or racial background are welcome to apply.


    • Status
      • New full-time degree-seeking student admitted to Ozark Christian College
      • U.S. citizen or have permanent residence
    • Vocation
      • Demonstrates a call to vocational ministry in the church
      • Demonstrates servant-leadership qualities in the church and/or community
      • Actively involved in serving a church
    • Culturally aware
      • Able to articulate an understanding of his or her cultural background
      • Able to enhance OCC’s diverse learning community with empathy, a willingness to engage in challenging discussions, and a passion for diversity
    • Academic
      • Has a cumulative college GPA of a 2.75

    Application Process:

    • Complete the Mosaic Leadership Scholarship application
    • Pastoral reference:
      • The Mosaic Leadership Scholarship is for students who demonstrate a call to vocational ministry through active involvement in a church or ministry-oriented nonprofit. Please have a pastor submit a recommendation letter on your behalf, articulating your involvement in his or her church/ministry as well as any other reasons you should be selected for the scholarship.
    • Submit a 2- to 5-minute video answering the following questions:
      • Why does cultural diversity matter in the kingdom of God?
      • How do you see yourself enhancing OCC’s culturally diverse learning community?
      • How and in what context(s) do you see yourself being a servant leader after college?


    • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
    • Mosaic Leadership Scholarship recipients will be part of the Mosaic Fellowship. In addition to the minimum GPA requirement and maintaining good academic standing with OCC, the Mosaic Leadership scholar must:
      • Meet once a semester with a representative from the Multicultural Affairs Department to discuss academic and ministry journeys
      • Attend at least three Multicultural Affairs events per semester
      • Visit a cross-cultural environment at least once per semester

Admissions Scholarships

  • Ambassador
    • This scholarship is in the amount of $2,000 ($250 per semester) and is awarded at various camps, conferences, and events by authorized OCC personnel, and is not stackable with other Ambassador scholarships.
    • Limited number available per year
    • Must enroll within two academic years of award date
  • Ozark

    This scholarship is in the amount of $1,400 ($175 per semester).


    • Attend an official Tuesday Tour and complete application for admission

Scholarship Requirements

All OCC Scholarships (with the exception of the OCC Grant Fund) are renewed based on the following:

  • Student must maintain a full-time enrolled status (12 credit hours or more). Exceptions for students participating in our dual degree program may be made. Check with Student Financial Services for specifics.
  • A minimum cumulative Ozark GPA of 2.0 is required each academic year unless otherwise required.
  • Scholarships are renewed by academic year. If a student loses the scholarship at the end of an academic year, it may be renewed following the completion of the next academic year by reaching a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  • All scholarships may be renewed for up to four years, unless the degree program is five years (e.g., Bachelor of Theology or dual degree program).