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$5.9 Million Goal Achieved

My wife Katie and I have six kids, and when we completed a family project—clearing trees, building a shed, putting up fence—we celebrated. This almost always involved ice cream. (It’s Katie’s favorite food. She thinks ice cream is like duct tape: it fixes everything.)

Working together, doing something hard-but-worthwhile, the sense of accomplishment when you finish, the taste of Cookies and Cream: these are God’s good gifts.

I wish I could take you out for ice cream to celebrate, because together we completed something hard-but-worth-it: the READY TO GO campaign. As of August 2023, we have met—in gifts and commitments—the campaign’s goal of $5.9 million! We’re at $5.91 million, to be exact, and those dollars are accomplishing three initiatives:

  • Launch a graduate program. This program, launched in fall 2022, now has over 90 students.
  • Renovate dorms. A women’s dorm (Mabee Hall) and a men’s dorm (Boatman Hall) are now complete.
  • Fund student grants. International students and at-need students are receiving these grants.

In lieu of a big ice cream cone, let me at least say a big THANK YOU! Your partnership in our mission of training men and women for Christian service is essential, and we simply could not do it without you.

And that mission really matters. Just today, someone sent me these numbers. In 2021-22, among the 16 colleges in our fellowship, 401 students graduated with a Bible or ministry degree. Of those 401, 115 were from Ozark…which means our college trained 29% of our movement’s ministry graduates.

The work we do is needed now more than ever. Thank you again for helping us meet the READY TO GO goal. Of the campaign’s $5.91 million, we have already received $4.64 million, and as the remaining commitments come in, those dollars will get more students “ready to go” with the gospel into all the world.

So rejoice with us today! And while I may not be able to personally take you out for ice cream, I hope you’ll eat a bowl right where you are and celebrate with us! Katie would approve.

Yours in Christ,

Matt Proctor