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Youth and Family Minister

Woodlawn Christian Church

About the Organization

Organization Description

Woodlawn Christian Church is a family of believers serving Christ together in the growing south Knoxville community in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee. Our desire is to connect people to Jesus, helping them transform into vibrant mature followers.
  • Organization Name
    Woodlawn Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Knoxville, TN, United States of America
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About the Position

Position Description

Key Responsibilities: Commit to continual spiritual growth in your relationship with Christ. Embrace and embody Woodlawns Vision, Mission, and Values. Develop a strategy to partner with parents, equipping them to disciple their kids and students. Communicate with parents and the congregaPon to inform them about acPviPes/events. Support and supervise the Childrens Minister in developing and leading the Childrens Ministry. Coordinate programming for youth, overseeing development, curriculum and teaching. Recruit, train and supervise youth ministry volunteers. Manage the Youth Ministry Team and youth budget: plan, delegate and evaluate. Create a proper balance in programming utlizing large group and small group environments, fellowship, learning, worship and service. Create activities and events that help youth in reaching their friends. Provide opportuniPes for youth to serve in the church, community and on mission trips. Encourage and facilitate participation in broader church life for children and youth. Attend extracurricular activities to support youth beyond normal church activities. Support our partnership with the Emerald Youth Foundation by helping recruit church members to volunteer in our Just Lead afterschool program and integrating, as possible, students and their families into the life of the church and youth ministry. Provide pastoral care for youth and their families. Carry out ministry duPes consistent with being on staff at Woodlawn (staff meePngs, office hours, work as a team, promote a unified vision, preach as necessary, etc.) Qualifications: Demonstrated relaPonship with Jesus that displays a life of faith in Jesus, professional maturity, high character, and the Fruit of the Spirit. Bachelors Degree from a ChrisPan University/Bible College, or equivalent preferred. A degree in Youth and/or Childrens Ministry is preferred. 3 years minimum of vocaPonal Youth/Children/Family Ministry experience. Proven ability to create and implement a ministry vision and strategy. Excellent leadership skills with proven ability to organize volunteers, programs and events. Strong communication skills with students and parents/guardians. Proven experience with (or willing to learn) social media skills and strategies. Strong desire and ability to collaborate on a team and delegate responsibilities.

  • Position Name
    Youth and Family Minister
  • Position Location
    Knoxville, TN, United States of America
  • Position Start Date
    2024-05-09 15:07:45

Position Ministry Type

  • Youth

Position Employment Type

  • Full-time

Applicant Next Steps

Send resume to: [email protected]

Youth and Family Minister

Dwayne Curry
(865) 573-6721 [email protected] 4339 Woodlawn Pike Knoxville, TN, United States of America