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Graduate Admissions

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Graduate Student Admissions Requirements

  • 1. Complete the free application
  • 2. Send us your essay/writing sample.

    After the application is submitted, you'll find specific essay requirements (writing prompt and word count), as well as instructions for submitting your essay.

  • 3. Send us your transcripts.

    Official College Transcript(s): A transcript is required from the college/university where your undergraduate degree was earned. In addition to your undergraduate transcript, a transcript is required from every institution where you've earned graduate credit.

    College transcripts are official in 2 ways:

         1. Mailed directly from the college or university's registrar's office with a stamp or seal on the back. Opened transcripts will be not be accepted.  

         2. Sent electronically from your previous institutions through an electronic service to [email protected].

Summer 2024 Graduate Admissions Dates

  • April 22 Application Deadline
  • April 26 Acceptance Deadline (all materials turned in)
  • April 29 Deposit Deadline

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