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Student Pastor

Northeast Christian Church

About the Organization

Organization Description

Um...we're a church. Just a church, looking for an awesome teammate...

  • Organization Name
    Northeast Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Rockford, IL, United States
  • Number of Employees
  • Average Weekly Church Attendance

About the Position

Position Description


  • Plan and execute student experiences throughout the year.
  • Design a weekly opportunity that meets the relational and spiritual needs of students.
  • Recruit, train, and equip a staff of volunteer leaders to participate in program leadership and spiritually encourage students.
  • Partner with parents in the spiritual development of their child.
  • Work with Children’s Pastor to ensure smooth and intentional transitions from Children’s Ministry programming to Student Ministry programming.
  • Prepare an annual budget for review and approval from senior leadership.
  • Serve as staff liaison to the student ministry leaders serving in our recovery program, The Landing.
  • Participate in staff meetings and all church events.
  • Champion student ministry at all levels of the organization, ensuring students are considered when planning all church events, but also ensuring the resources (gifts and service) represented in the students are made available.
  • After the first year, participate as a member of Northeast’s Teaching Team.
  • Attend Preaching Team meetings and planning retreats.

What You Can Expect From Us:

To have a voice. We believe each voice brings a different perspective, so we allow everyone to input on decisions and direction, especially when it impacts or affects your ministry area. To continue to grow in expertise and the development of your gifts. We invite participation on our Preaching Team, Missions Team, Worship Team, or Serving Teams. Our team is present to support you, mentor you, and serve you in the removal of obstacles, helping you secure the resources you need, and succeed in your ministry. We encourage our team to maintain a healthy spiritual rhythm, balancing ministry and family. We allow comp days during busy seasons of ministry or before and after retreats and camps We offer a mandatory months-long sabbatical period every seven years of ministry. We encourage spiritual retreat periods during working hours. We encourage our team in their professional development. We offer conferences and shared learning experiences together as a staff.

  • Position Name
    Student Pastor
  • Position Location
    Rockford, IL, United States

Position Ministry Type

  • Youth

Position Employment Type

  • Full-time

Applicant Next Steps

This is an opportunity open to men or women, who desire to serve the Kingdom through relational ministry with students. We desire someone who is biblically educated, always remaining in a learning posture, has a history of ministry with students, has a sense of their ministry philosophy, and leads with love. We desire a candidate ready: 1) to help build a community where everyone feels they belong, 2) to foster an environment for growing faith and belief, and 3) encourages every member to find their true identity and purpose. Submit resume to [email protected]

Student Pastor

Wayne Hume
815.742.7732 [email protected] Rockford, IL, United States