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Pastor or Part-time Pastor

Lead Hill Christian Church

About the Organization

Organization Description

Hello, My name is Shane Andrews and I, by permission of our president, Linda Jones, will be your contact. Due to circumstances beyond his control our pastor, Don Truitt, resigned as of December 17, 2023. We are really looking for a replacement pastor who could relocate to the general area for a more effective ministry. However, our numbers are so low we are not allowed that luxury.

Instead, we are interested in someone who is aspiring for a ministry to come either every Sunday or every now and then. This person can be a fledgling student of the bible who would enjoy the practice of a sincere audience or a retired person who feels called to help out or anyone in between. They do not have to be one certain person every time but can be a different person. This person can be male or female but all candidates will be interviewed by telephone first. Pay is negotiable.

Please let me know through email or phone (leave message) that you at least got this correspondence so as to not leave us wondering if you are even available to help. Thank you for your time. Shane

  • Organization Name
    Lead Hill Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Lead Hill, AR, United States of America
  • Number of Employees
  • Average Weekly Church Attendance

About the Position

Position Description

Description is above in "Organization Description."
  • Position Name
    Pastor or Part-time Pastor
  • Position Location
    Lead Hill, AR, United States of America
  • Position Start Date
    2024-01-21 00:00:00

Position Ministry Type

  • Preaching/Senior

Position Employment Type

  • Paid

Applicant Next Steps

Resume' would be helpful.

Pastor or Part-time Pastor

Shane Andrews Layman
501.404.7165 [email protected] P.O. Box 314 Lead Hill, AR, United States of America