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Crossroads Christian Church

About the Organization

Organization Description

We are a struggling little church in Helena, MT. We are desperately searching for a Restoration Movement pastor who could approach this as a mission. We can pay very little, but we are located in a great area to reach people for Christ. we are an older congregation, with connections to Ozark, Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch, Boise Bible College and several other churches and Christian organizations, including IDES and the Northwest Schools of Missions. We want to grow, but right now are struggling.

  • Organization Name
    Crossroads Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Helena, MT, United States of America
  • Number of Employees
  • Average Weekly Church Attendance

About the Position

Position Description

We are in need of a minister to preach Sunday mornings, afternoon small service, visit members, and help organize or suggest programs to help the church grow.

  • Position Name
  • Position Location
    Helena, MT, United States of America

Position Ministry Type

  • Preaching/Senior

Position Employment Type

  • Part-Time

Applicant Next Steps

Please fill out the application, and questionnaire on our website.


Kim Beaudin Pulpit / Committee Chairman
(406) 461-4803 [email protected] 5730 Kraut Lane Helena, MT, United States of America