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Part Time Pastor

Moran Christian Church

[email protected]

About the Organization

Organization Description

We are a small independent Christian Church
  • Organization Name
    Moran Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Moran, KS, United States of America
  • Number of Employees
  • Average Weekly Church Attendance

About the Position

Position Description

We are seeking a part time pastor for our church. We are a small congregation and realize our pastor will need to have another job outside the church. We would pay a designated sum each time the candidate filled the pulpit each week. Any additional responsibilities could be negotiated as they come up.
  • Position Name
    Part Time Pastor
  • Position Location
    Moran, KS, United States of America
  • Position Start Date
    2024-05-04 00:00:00

Position Ministry Type

  • Preaching/Senior

Position Employment Type

  • Part-Time

Applicant Next Steps

To apply for the position please reach out the Julie Carlson to set up a try out. After that if interested the applicant would write a note or letter to advise the board of their interest in the position. The board would ask you to meet with them to address any additional questions either party might have. Then the board would make a recommendation to the congregation and it would be presented for a vote. The prospective minister must be accepted by at least a two-thirds majority of members present before a call may be extended.

Part Time Pastor

Julie Carlson Board President
(620) 363-2260 [email protected] 1185 2000th St Iola, KS, United States of America