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Wellsburg Christian Church

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About the Organization

Organization Description

We are an independent Christian Church with our roots in the Restoration Movement. Ours was the 2nd Church started by Alexander Campbell. The Campbell Mansion is located just 8 miles in Bethany, WV from this church in Wellsburg, WV.
  • Organization Name
    Wellsburg Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Wellsburg, WV, United States of America
  • Number of Employees
  • Average Weekly Church Attendance

About the Position

Position Description

We are looking for a minister who believes in doing Bible things in Bible Ways. The Candidates attributes should be planted firmly in the Independent Christian Church or Churches of Christ.
  • Position Name
  • Position Location
    Wellsburg, WV, United States of America
  • Position Start Date
    2024-07-01 14:30:39

Position Ministry Type

  • Preaching/Senior

Position Employment Type

  • Paid

Applicant Next Steps

An Applicant should send his resume to Wellsburg Christian Church Pulpit Committee @ 1001 Charles Street, Wellsburg WV. We also require a letter of introduction with a brief description of why they are interested in this position. These two documents could be sent as attachments by email to [email protected].


Margi Kellar Pulpit Committee Secretary
304737-0889 [email protected] 1001 Charles Street Wellsburg, WV, United States of America