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Kids Ministry Director & Student Minister

Westside Christian Church

About the Organization

Organization Description

Small Christian Church, wanting to grow healthier and grow more via the NCD process. Westside Christian Church is located in one of the fastest growing areas in Oklahoma. There are nearly 80,000 people living within 5 miles of the Church! Thousands of the residents have moved into the area within the last few years, and are continuing to do so! Most likely, the Church could provide a "Lord willing guarantee" of one years wages for a full time position, or the position could start out as part time, with the desire for it to be permanent full time (ASAP) as the Church continues to grow.

  • Organization Name
    Westside Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Oklahoma City, OK, United States of America
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About the Position

Position Description

Westside Christian Church is located in one of the fastest growing areas in Oklahoma.

Job Description: Heart & Soul: Be a Christian in love with Jesus. Love children and teens. Possess a strong desire that they come to know and grow in Jesus. Be a disciple who loves making disciples who make disciples. Be a man above reproach who trusts in Christ. Be a Godly example. Serve the Lord with gladness; laboring with all your might for His Kingdom. Be a team builder. Be patient, willing to wait in total dependence upon the Lord for His moving and timing. Agree with the Church's statement of faith.

Job Specifics and requirements: Part time 1. Lead our growing KidZone ministry on Sunday mornings and organize our AWANA program on Wednesday evenings. Currently, we have a small number of kids and youth; our desire is to grow. 2. Lead a teen youth group on Wednesday or Sunday evening. 3. Be creative with an approach and curriculum that will lead Children & teens to God--- as well as one that is exciting and attractive. 4. Help to develop youth leaders and teachers. 5. You will be under the direction of the Senior Minister and indirectly, the Church leadership team. Phil will be a resource to you as well. This will be a team approach with the current volunteers/leaders. 6. Continue to build a team of Kids & teen ministry volunteers and be responsible for scheduling. 7. Maintain kids security procedures for the KidZ Ministry. 8. Give occasional brief reports and requests to the Minister & Leadership team as needed. 9. Plan crowd building events. 10. Plan and lead occasional off-site social events. 11. Build rapport with parents and youth leaders.

Compensation, process, and other notes: 1. The Church will ask you to submit to a background check. 2. We do have an office space available for you. 3. KidZ Ministry Director & Student Minister: Part time compensation: $350.00-450.00 per week with 2 weeks paid vacation and an annual bonus equal to one weeks salary. One week each year for conventions, training, and personal growth. 4. Expectation of work hours is 12-15 per week. We would love to discuss compensation with you. 5. Obviously, the Church will do its best to work around your schedule for any tent-making job, to supplement your income. 6. $2500.00 sign on bonus. Up to $1,000 in moving expenses paid by the Church.

We are excited! The Church is just beginning the Natural Church Development ---Church health process.

  • Position Name
    Kids Ministry Director & Student Minister
  • Position Location
    Yukon, OK, United States of America
  • Position Start Date
    2024-05-01 00:00:00

Position Ministry Type

  • Kids Director

Position Employment Type

  • Part-Time

Applicant Next Steps

Please send a resume to Phil Hays at [email protected]

Kids Ministry Director & Student Minister

Phil Hays Senior Minister
(620) 778-3581 [email protected] 10145 NW Expressway Yukon, OK, United States of America