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Financial Declaration & Certification


There are strict U.S. government regulations which decide who may receive a Form I-20. The Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 (Student Visa) Status-Form I-20 may be issued only to students who have been admitted to Ozark Christian College and who have given us documents providing the ability to live and study here for the years needed to complete your program without employment. 

To receive the form, you must complete the form accurately (Section 5) and return them to the Director of Admissions at OCC along with the requested supporting documents that prove your financial ability and/or that of your sponsors. Unacceptable documents will be rejected and returned. Please read the instructions carefully. There are no exceptions to the rules. Acceptable documents must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of issuance of a Form I-20.

Financial Documents

We are strict about financial documents for two reasons:

1. We try to be as demanding as the toughest U.S. embassy or consulate and the Department of Homeland Security Centers. Our purpose is to be sure that Ozark Christian College’ students are not denied applications because of financial questions. In order to be fair, we require all students to meet the same standards.

2. Too little money results in financial struggle and hardship for students. We insist that families consider the real costs of studying and living in Joplin, Missouri.

General Sponsorship Information

1. Sponsors should only promise what they are willing to truly give.

2. Bank statements must state actual dollar amounts with United States dollar equivalencies.

3. Documents must be current. We will not accept documents that are more than six months old.

4. Two original sets of documents should be completed. Keep one set of originals for the visa or change-of-status application, and send the other set of originals to the OCC Admissions Department, 1111 N. Main, Joplin, Missouri 64801. Please note that these supporting documents cannot be returned.

5. Every dollar amount promised must be accompanied with supporting documentation.

6. OCC's scholarships (if the student is eligible) may be used as a source of financial support.

7. Funds from sponsors and your personal funds may be combined. Any combination of support is acceptable. You can have one sponsor for all support or you can have one to promise you the cash value and one to provide you with room and board. You can sponsor yourself. Make sure that all the financial support you have equals the total amount of the budget projected for the academic year you're planning to attend.

8. Please make sure that you provide OCC with evidence of each form of support.

9. Try to present all documents together as soon as you have them ready.

10. Have your sponsor complete and sign the Affidavit of Support or the Affidavit of Sponsor Providing Free Room and Board in the United States in front of a Notary Public.