OCC and MSSU Dual Degree Program

Dual Degree Program FAQs

  1. What is the dual degree program?
    • OCC's dual degre program allows students to take courses at both Ozark Christian College (OCC) and Missouri Southern State University (MSSU), to earn two bachelor's degrees in approximately five years. Students completing the program will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Interdisciplinary Studies from OCC and a bachelor's degree from MSSU in whatever discipline the student chooses.
  2. What is the BA in Bible and Interdisciplinary Studies degree?
    • The BA in Bible and Interdisciplinary Studies degree is a bachelor's degree that consists of course requirements from both OCC and MSSU, allowing the student to develop a great biblical foundation for their future coursework at MSSU. The Interdisciplinary Studies degree has a concentration in the area of ministry, along with a concentration from whatever discipline the student studies at MSSU.
  3. What if I'm interested in another major at Ozark?
    • Students in the dual degree program will earn a major in Bible and Interdisciplinary Studies. However, a student may also complete a minor by taking an additional 12-18 hours in a specific ministry area.
  4. When do I start classes at MSSU?
    • Most students begin classes in their sophomore year. However, depending on your major and any college coursework you've already completed, you may choose to begin earlier.
  5. Who can advise me about my dual degree degree with MSSU?
    • Jody Lindsay serves as OCC's dual degree liason. She serves as an adviser and advocate for the dual degree students at OCC. Her knowledge of both the programs of study and of the processes and personnel at MSSU makes Jody a fantastic resource for our students. If you have questions about the program, contact Jody at lindsay.jody@occ.edu or 417.626.1234 ext. 2062.
  6. Am I eligible for scholarships at both schools?
    • Students may be eligible for some Ozark scholarships while they are enrolled at both institutions. However, students should check with the Financial Aid Office for eligibility and paperwork requirements for these scholarships.
    • Students are eligible for scholarships at MSSU when they are enrolled in 12 or more hours at MSSU and are completing their financial aid through MSSU.
  7. Can I live on OCC's campus while attending MSSU?
    • First-time students (freshmen or transfer) must be enrolled at Ozark in a minimum of 8 hours each semester for their first two semesters at Ozark. After that, students may be allowed to remain in the dorm with less than 8 hours if:
      • there is sufficient room in the dorms
      • students are in good standing with OCC's Student Life Department.
    • Students will be required to complete a housing request form if they would like to apply to live in the dorms with less than 8 hours. Permission is granted on a semester-by-semester basis as long as the two conditions mentioned above are met.
  8. Do I pay the same tuition at both schools?
    • No. Each institution sets their tuition costs and fees. These amounts may change from year to year. Please check each school's website for the most current information.
  9. Where should I complete my financial aid?
    • Students should complete their financial aid through the institution where they are enrolled in the most hours. If enrolled in equal hours at each institution, most students complete their financial aid through Ozark. It's important to discuss financial aid qualifications and options with the Financial Aid Office to ensure accuracy in calculating your financial aid eligibility.
  10. What classes will transfer from OCC to MSSU?
    • There are several courses that transfer to MSSU for credit. Read a detailed list of what MSSU accepts by selecting "Ozark Christian College" on their transfer guide webpage here.
    • Some degrees at MSSU require specific courses, so students should check with Jody Lindsay and their MSSU adviser to ensure the required courses are met.

For more information or questions, contact Jody Lindsay at lindsay.jody@occ.edu or 417.626.1234 ext. 2062.


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