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Master of Arts in Bible and Theology


Serve Christ by pursuing a deeper understanding of Scripture and theological wisdom.

  • 2 Years

    Expected Degree Duration

  • 36

    Total Program Credit Hours

Why choose the Master of Arts in Bible and Theology degree?

The Master of Arts in Bible and Theology is designed for Christians who desire to serve Christ by pursuing a deeper understanding of Scripture and theological wisdom.

This program is less focused on professional ministry training, does not require Hebrew or Greek, and offers a substantial number of elective hours so that students may pursue their individual interests within the framework of biblical studies and theology.

Featured Degree Courses

  • Biblical Hermeneutics

    An introduction to basic principles of interpreting the Bible. Attention will be given to historical and literary features of biblical texts, the theological nature of Scripture as divine revelation, and the history of Christian interpretation of the Old and New Testaments.

  • Spiritual Formation & Discipleship

    An examination of the biblical truths that guide how spiritual practices become helpful to the spiritual journey of the individual and groups. Students will learn why spiritual practices are important, how they can be approached healthily and unhealthily, and how to apply certain spiritual practices for specific seasons of the spiritual journey.

  • Worldview and Cultural Discernment

    This course outlines and analyzes the content of the many worldview systems operative in our world today from a Christian worldview rooted in Scripture. Attention is paid to the development of these worldviews over time as well as their many present applications. Students will learn how to understand and appreciate these worldviews, and how to evaluate and respond from a Christian worldview perspective.

  • Biblical Theology of Mission

    A critical examination of the principles of missiology as seen in Scripture specifically engaging the major historical and theological perspectives on mission. Students will learn to distinguish missiological approaches with a particular emphasis given to the significance of Abrahamic covenant in Missio Dei theology.

  • Christian Doctrine and Theology

    A survey of Christian Doctrine and Theology based on historical, theological, and philosophical inquiry with special emphasis on the first six centuries of the church. Students will learn to navigate theological categories and controversies with special emphasis on the articulation of core Christian doctrine and scriptural contexts.

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Our Master of Arts in Bible and Theology will develop graduates who are able to:

  • 1. Interpret a biblical text using historical, literary, canonical, and theological insights.

    2. Engage Christian theological traditions to address challenges in ministry.

    3. Articulate foundational doctrines as revealed in Scripture and affirmed by the Christian tradition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will teach my classes?

    Just like in our undergraduate program, Ozark’s master’s program faculty set us apart. You’ll learn from practitioner professors—men and women with hands-on experience in their fields—in a distinctively Christ-centered community.

  • How much is tuition?

    Each graduate credit hour at OCC is $490 plus fees.

  • Are there scholarships available for graduate students?

    Yes! You can find all of our scholarship information here. And fill out your FAFSA with Ozark's code, 015569.

  • Is OCC accredited?

    Yes, Ozark Christian College holds dual accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

  • What is OCC’s statement of beliefs?

    You can view our full statement of beliefs here.

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