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Graduate Studies Certificates

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How does the certificate program work?

Each one-year graduate level certificate consists of three 3-hour courses—nine credit hours in all.

  • 1 year


  • 9


  • 4


4 Certificate Options

Each certificate has one 3-hour "designated course" and two 3-hour concentration-specific courses of the student's choice.

Christian Ministry Certificate

Implement scriptural principles to build Christian community.

Choose 3 out of 6 offered core courses

  1. Contextualized Hermeneutics
  2. Christian Doctrine and Theology
  3. Worldview and Cultural Discernment
  4. Biblical Theology of Mission
  5. Spiritual Formation and Discipleship
  6. Self-Awareness and the Christian Leader

Biblical Studies Certificate

Utilize biblical interpretation for direct application to ministry settings.

a. Designated Course:

  1. Christian Doctrine of Theology

b. Pick 2 concentration specific course offerings:

  1. Any 5000 or 6000 level NT or OT courses
  2. Any 6000 BT courses

Strategic Leadership Certificate

Engage difficult leadership or organizational situations with Christian principles.

a. Designated Course:

  1. Self-Awareness and the Christian Leader

b. Pick 2 concentration specific course offerings:

  1. Any 6000 level SL courses

Spiritual Formation Certificate

Disciple others through relationships and spiritual practices.

a. Designated Course:

  1. Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

b. Pick 2 concentration specific course offerings:

  1. Any 6000 level SF courses

Looking for more course information?

View all course information in our catalog and find courses offered during the next term.

Graduate Certificate FAQs

  • How do I apply for a certificate?

    The admissions process to receive a certificate is the same for graduate students. The first step is to complete the free application.

  • Do certificate students have different admissions requirements than degree-seeking graduate studies students?

    No. Students enrolled in the certificate program will be required to fulfill all requirements a degree-seeking master's student must complete, including mentoring/spiritual direction and orientation.

  • Do certificate students have the same tuition and fees?

    Yes, all tuition and fees apply to certificate students.

  • Do scholarships apply to certificate students?

    Yes. Certificate students have the option to apply for scholarships like all degree-seeking graduate studies students.

  • How many credits need to be earned at OCC?

    All 9 credits must be accomplished in the OCC graduate program. Transfer credits cannot be applied to the certificate.

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