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Preaching-Teaching Convention Speakers

  • Brian Jobe (Tuesday, February 20 — 9:30 A.M. Main Session)

    Brian Jobe

    Brian serves as the senior pastor at Compass Christian Church in Chandler, Arizona. Brian has preached at numerous conferences and churches around the country and on mission fields worldwide. Brian loves to preach and see people come to know Jesus. He and his wife, Marie, have two daughters, Sydney and Sophie.

  • Nate Bush (Tuesday, February 20 — 1:00 P.M. Main Session)

    Nate Bush

    Nate serves as lead pastor of New City Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2010, New City was born out of family prayer time in Nate’s living room and is now a flourishing congregation. Nate has passionately worked to build a church that makes a renewal impact in the city of Albuquerque.

  • Jason Poznich (Tuesday, February 20 — 7:00 P.M. Main Session)

    Jason Poznich

    Jason is a professor of biblical communication and New Testament at OCC. He also serves as the interim preaching team lead at College Heights Christian Church in Joplin. Jason has preached for around twenty years, serving churches in Missouri, Illinois, Las Vegas, and Kansas. Jason and his wife, Kayla, have two children, Zoe and Joshua.

  • J.K. Jones (Wednesday, February 21 — 9:30 A.M. Main Session)

    J.K. Jones

    For nearly 50 years of ministry, J.K. has kept one foot in the church and one foot in the classroom. As the former pastor of spiritual formation at Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Illinois, and the former director of the Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation at Lincoln Christian University, J.K. currently teaches part-time in the graduate studies program at OCC.

  • Ashley Weece (Wednesday, February 21 — 1:00 P.M. Main Session)

    Ashely Weece

    In 2023, after nine years of ministry in Louisville, Kentucky, Ashley and her husband, Justin, moved to Brunswick, Maine, to plant a church. Ashley holds a master's degree in evangelism and leadership from Wheaton College and a bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry from OCC. Ashley and Justin have two sons, Judah and Journey.

  • Dudley Rutherford (Wednesday, February 21 — 7:00 P.M. Main Session)

    Dudley Rutherford

    As lead pastor of Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch, California, Dudley is passionate about preaching God’s Word without compromise, leading people to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and lifting him up that the world might believe. He founded of Dream of Destiny, which empowers leaders to cultivate unity and diversity in Christian churches and colleges.