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Sam Swift
Alumni, Class of 2023

Samuel Swift

About Samuel

Ministry Interests

  • Tech Ministry
  • Creative Arts

Preferred Position Type

  • Full Time

Quick Glance

My name is Samuel Swift and I am a student at Ozark Christian College and I am studying Creative Arts (Production). I have experience in many areas of the production world and have worked for several churches and doing production for them. I am skilled in the areas of audio, lighting, graphics, photography/videography, and installations of sound and lighting systems. I am passionate for serving the church and expanding the kingdom.I have been working in the production world since I was 17. I have learned a vast amount of skills in the years of volunteering at churches and teaching myself about the newest technology and how to use it. I have a passion for production, whether it is for church services or concerts, I enjoy the skills that I have and I love using those skills to serve other people. I have had experience in about every part of production, whether it is setting up a stage, or running a light board, I have been blessed to have a wide range of skills that can be used for anything.