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Richard Pickett
Alumni, Class of 2012

Richard Pickett

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About Richard

Ministry Interests

  • Preaching/Senior

Preferred Position Type

  • Full Time

Quick Glance

After graduating from Ozark Christian College, I continued my education earning a Master of Arts in Theology, with a preaching emphasis. With 20 years of practical ministry experience my wife, Cheryl, and I are seeking the Lord's lead in a church to shepherd and grow to God's glory. In search of a full-time ministry position, but would be willing to help a church grow into a full-time preaching minister position. In the meantime, I am also willing to fill the pulpit for supply preaching. I would prefer a position within driving distance of Joplin, Missouri. Praying for your church and pulpit search! God bless you, Pastor Richard Pickett20 years preaching experience in different sized churches. Preached revivals, pulpit supply, interim pastor, Pastor. Served as children's pastor, youth and adult Sunday school teacher, and on most church committees. Years of experience in bereavement and hospital ministry, extensive training in personal evangelism. Equipped and ready for the Lord's next assignment.