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Grayson Blue
Student, Class of 2025

Grayson Blue

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About Grayson

Ministry Interests

  • Associate Ministry
  • College/Young Adult
  • Para Church Organization
  • Discipleship/Small Group
  • Youth
  • Christian School
  • Senior Adult
  • Children's Ministry

Preferred Position Type

  • Full Time

Quick Glance

My name is Grayson Blue. I am a current student at Ozark Christian College in my fourth semester. I am currently working at Forest Park Baptist Church as a custodian. However, I am currently looking for a new job that matches my degree's path. The degrees I am currently going for are BTH (Bachelor of Theology) and Biblical Communications. After I graduate I plan to use these degrees for furthering the kingdom of God through vocational ministry and however that looks. I am currently thinking about doing ministry overseas (India) and serving those in another country, learning, church planting, discipling, and being discipled too. May the Lord bless you and if it is his will may I be considered by you. Contact Information: Phone: (636) 295-1567 Gmail: [email protected]