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Daniel Jones
Alumni, Class of 2019

Daniel Jones

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About Daniel

Ministry Interests

  • Executive/Administrative
  • Associate Ministry
  • Youth
  • College/Young Adult
  • Discipleship/Small Group
  • Children's Ministry

Preferred Position Type

  • Full Time

Quick Glance

I am a graduate from Ozark Christian College. During my time at Ozark, I lived on campus for two years and finished out my degree online my last year so that I could focus on the ministry that I am currently serving at. I am passionate about ministry and I am excited to serve in the church. I have a deep passion for the youth of the church as I believe they will do great things. I want to give these students an environment of love for them to develop spiritually in. I also believe that youth ministry is best done in the home and therefore as a youth minister, I want to supplement what is happening in the home.I have worked with the same youth group for three years. I have been working under the full time youth minister there as a type of internship. The youth minister I have been working under as been doing youth ministry for almost 30 years. I have learned much under him but now I feel called to go out and reach the lost children of God somewhere else! During my time at OCC I served in the supply preaching service. I would go around to small churches around the area of Joplin and preach where it was needed. This was a great experience and taught me how to craft and deliver messages.