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Youth Minister

Louisville Christian Church

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The Louisville Christian Church in Louisville, OH is seeking a F/T middle school & high school Youth Minister. We have over 70 teens in our church of 400+. Over 1/3 of those are actively involved in our youth program. Our current Youth Minister will be moving into F/T Worship & Music ministry with the church. We also employ 2 P/T Childrens Ministry Directors. The program they lead serves over 70 elementary and pre-school children. This church has a great future!The church is a dynamic, growing congregation. Most of the growth the last few years has been families in child-raising years. There is a clearly-expressed spirit of excitement moving in our church! That enthusiasm has translated into natural person-to-person evangelism.The church has recently become debt-free, paying off the latest building addition 8 years early. Weekly offerings average over $1000 above budgeted expenses. The church leadership has a generous attitude about spending money to develop and improve upon ministry and outreach programs.Our leadership is dedicated to biblical principles, yet progressive regarding methodology. Growth and disciple-making are the goals of our leadership. Our current Preaching Minister is in his 35th year of ministry with the church, and the current Youth Minister is in his 17th year in that position.The Community of Louisville is a small city of 10,000 people, with another 9,000 in the township which is part of the Louisville School District. It is a middle income community located 10 miles east of Canton. The community has been growing.
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    Louisville Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Louisville, OH, United States of America
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About the Position

Position Description

1. The Youth Ministers (YM) primary goals are to make disciples of the teens in Louisville Christian Church, and to reach out to area teens in evangelistic effort. He must be involved in ongoing personal and professional growth in order to be an effective spiritual leader to our teens.2. The YM is under the direction of the Senior Minister. He shall follow his lead in the overall strategy of growing the church, and work in harmony with the entire staff. He is subject to the authority of the Elders.3. The YM will construct or take advantage of beneficial youth programs designed to provide spiritual growth opportunities for our teens. This will include retreats, camps, mission trips, etc. He will also plan fellowship activities to develop a strong positive peer group among our teens.4. The YM will build an appealing, faith-building weekly teen Youth Group program for each age group - Middle School and High School. These are to be taught/led separately from each other to provide a graded program on the level of the students. He will recruit sponsors & volunteers from among our adults to help as needed.5. The YM will teach a teen Sunday school class. He will serve in our Junior Church program 2-3 rotations per year. He will also be available to help as needed in VBS. He will fill the pulpit as needed.6. The YM will be involved with our church camp - Round Lake Christian Assembly, serving on staff, and actively recruiting our teens to attend.7. The YM will be responsible for planning and preparing our young people to participate in Youth Sunday (A.M. services conducted by the youth) 3-4 times each year.8. The YM will perform other pastoral duties to teens and their families as needed: counseling, hospital visitation, absentee follow-up, baptism preparation classes, etc. He will schedule visits on our teens at the rate of 12 per month (minimum) for the purposes of connecting more effectively with them, and ministering to & shepherding them.9. This position is planned as a 40 hour work week. A minimum 25 hours are to be spent in the office for the purposes of researching and writing lessons, planning and facilitating programs, and being available and accessible.10. The YM will attend Board meetings, submitting a written report of fulfilled duties each month. He is a member of the Board with voting rights. He will attend Elders meetings upon request.11. The family of our YM will be involved in the services, ministries, and programs of LCC as an example to our congregation. The spouse of our YM will serve in any church ministry as gifted, as is expected of any member.Optional responsibilities could include participation in or leadership of other ministries as gifted and desired.
  • Position Name
    Youth Minister
  • Position Location
    Louisville, OH, United States of America

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  • Youth

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  • Full-time

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Qualifications for this position include: Ministry degree and commitment to biblical doctrine and principles. The doctrines of this church are those traditionally consistent with the Independent Christian Church, aka the Restoration Movement.Experience is preferred, but not necessary. Salary is ample and negotiable upon experience and family need.Please send inquires and a resume to: [email protected]

Youth Minister

Rick Brown Preaching Minister
(330) 875-4155 [email protected] 1800 S. Chapel St. Louisville, OH, United States of America