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Worship Leader

Rolling Hills Christian Church
  • Organization Name
    Rolling Hills Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Topeka, KS, United States
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About the Position

Position Description

The Worship Leader is primarily responsible for leading and building the worship experience for Rolling Hills and our church online attenders. At Rolling Hills Christian Church, we exist to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We are church with a celebrated history of almost 50 years but recently relaunched with a new mission and vision for our church and our community. Leading people isn’t just an expectation; it’s a necessity. It’s a cornerstone of our culture we are currently building. That's why we’re always seeking leaders—leaders like you—to bring your skills to life. We are a small church with a huge vision, and we want to help you become the person God made you to be. With your leadership, the Rolling Hills Worship Team will inspire and move people towards Christ by creating spiritual experiences through story-telling and biblical truth. Worship is the first part of a service that people experience and often the time they identify as what makes a church “theirs.” It sets the stage for the message of the day, and it primes people for life change. The Worship Leader will provide musical and technical leadership to pursue excellence for worship experiences. Furthermore, this role will contribute to the planning, organizing, and leading of all worship experiences. If you are passionate about leading worship, creating an environment that helps others worship, and excited to lead a ministry with a blank canvas and this position sounds like yours, keep reading for details. What You'll Do: - Plan, organize, and spiritually lead all weekly worship services. - Recruit, train, and build worship teams. - Plan and organize worship services to meet weekly time requirements. - Sharpen musical and technical abilities in an ongoing way. - Lead volunteers to sharpen musical abilities. - Master of experience-based systems (i.e. Pro Tools, Logic, or Ableton, etc.). - Assist with all church technical efforts. - Lead volunteer recruitment and development efforts. Skills Needed to Succeed: - Ability to develop an understanding of band dynamics, worship environment production, and ministry teamwork in a worship team setting. - Must exemplify a high level of worship attender focus (think customer service). - Ability to create a vision and execute effectively. - Strong interpersonal skills and positive attitude. - Ability to self-motivate and make independent decisions. - Highly talented vocalist. - Experience with keys, guitar, and/or other instruments. - Familiar with Planning Center and ProPresenter - Effective at multi-tasking, time management, and following up. - Excellent verbal and written communication skills. - Strong spiritual maturity. - Comfortable in diplomatic interactions. - Exceptional talent vocally to lead a worship experience. - Maintain composure during stressful situations. - High school diploma or GED. - 1-3 years of related work experience. What to Know: - Part-time (10-20 hours/ week) - As a staff, we practice a sabbath rhythm of resting & worshiping one day of the week outside of Sunday. Also, every 7 weeks, each staff member is to take off a Sunday to reset in order to lead in abundance. - We are a small but innovative church looking to continue to grow in order to start more churches. - An annual investment of $500 for team member's professional growth. - Casual dress and work environment. - Flexible work schedule. To be considered for this role, applicants must provide a video singing and/or leading worship. At Rolling Hills Church, every staff member is a minister and is expected to engage in the church's ministry fully. We consider ministry readiness and an individual’s capacity to represent Rolling Hill’s beliefs as a minister during the selection process for all staff and intern positions. An essential function within every position held by a staff member or intern at Rolling Hills is to uphold and represent the beliefs of Rolling Hills. Learn more about what we value and believe at the website listed above.

  • Position Name
    Worship Leader
  • Position Location
    Topeka, KS, United States

Position Ministry Type

  • Worship/Music

Position Employment Type

  • Part-Time

Applicant Next Steps

Email video & resume to the email listed above.

Worship Leader

Matt Brown
785.286.0601 [email protected] 4530 NW Hiawatha Place Topeka, KS, United States