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Student Director

Traverse Christian Church

About the Organization

Organization Description

We are a church plant located in Windsor, Colorado. We are excited about the next season of our churches life as we start the process of building our first facility.

  • Organization Name
    Traverse Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Windsor, CO, United States
  • Number of Employees
  • Average Weekly Church Attendance

About the Position

Position Description

We are looking for someone who can build teams, relate well with kids and parents and can communicate well to both staff and church. We have a great group of students and volunteers who are ready for a leader.

  • Position Name
    Student Director
  • Position Location
    Windsor, CO, United States

Position Ministry Type

  • Youth

Position Employment Type

  • Part-Time

Applicant Next Steps

Student Director

Caleb Garison
214.218.9730 [email protected] PO Box 398 Windsor, CO, United States