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First Christian Church

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Restoration Christian Church

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    First Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Christopher, IL, United States
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About the Position

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First Christian Church in Christopher, Illinois is searching for a senior minister with a restoration church tradition.  We are a well-established congregation in a growing community.  Christopher is located in southern Illinois, 2 hours southeast of St. Louis.  Rend Lake, the second largest lake in Illinois, attracting a million visitors a year, is located just minutes away.  Other attractions nearby include the Shawnee National Forest, Garden of the Gods National Park and many other venues for outdoors activities.

We are seeking a candidate that meets the New Testament elder requirements in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-4; a candidate who can preach the Gospel effectively in person and in writing for Sunday worship, Sunday school classes and mid-week bible studies.  We desire a minister who can project a strong presence in the pulpit and who enjoys meeting new people and interacting with the community.  We are seeking a positive person who is a problem solver, able to lead with energy and enthusiasm.

Our minister will foster congregational participation in various ministries, which include assisting in VBS, youth activities and visitations at homes and hospitals, when possible.  We desire a candidate that can provide pastoral care, includingmarriage counseling, weddings and funerals.  Being technologically savvy, including being able to communicate using the church website, Facebook and smart phones effectively will be necessities.

Our compensation package includes salary, church parsonage and mileage.

  • Position Name
  • Position Location
    Christopher, IL, United States

Position Ministry Type

  • Preaching/Senior

Position Employment Type

  • Full-time


Tom Vaughn
618.218.3623 [email protected] 105 N. Maple Christopher, IL, United States