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Northampton Christian Church

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Northampton Christian Church (NhCC) is a non-denominational, independent Christian Church, located in Hampton, Va which is approximately 30 miles northeast of Virginia Beach, Va. Northampton will be celebrating its 62nd anniversary in May of this year. The Sunday morning service is a contemporary style of worship. Our church building has an auditorium with a seating capacity of approximately 300, a detached garage/picnic shelter, and a detached 1,800 square foot building with a kitchen useful for fellowship, meetings, and training events. The property encompasses approximately 6.5 acres. Our church maintains good financial health and seeks to grow our ministry in this area.
  • Organization Name
    Northampton Christian Church
  • Organization Location
    Hampton, VA, United States of America
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About the Position

Position Description

Qualifications/Responsibilities of the Lead MinisterEducation/Experience: Bachelors degree from a Bible College highly desirable, preferably in preaching. Lead minister experience is desirable.Doctrine: The Lead Minister shall hold to the whole Word of God as inspired in the original languages and as complete authority under which he lives and preaches.Preaching/Teaching: In his preaching and teaching he will clearly communicate the Word of God with proper context and with cognizance of the setting through which it was delivered to man. The preaching and teaching shall promote and encourage spiritual growth as well as encourage the disciples to realize and fulfill their calling in all stages of Christian maturity. When necessary, he will admonish with gentleness and compassion, realizing that we are striving to be united in essential truths while remaining unique with individual roles in the body of Christ. Expository preaching is expected to be the primary style, built on quality exegesis, and leading to quality instructional application.Leadership: The Lead Minister will be responsible for the day-to-day execution of the mission of Northampton Christian Church. He will lead the staff through regular meetings, mentoring, team building exercises, camaraderie, prayer, and encouragement. He will help the staff with direction in their areas of responsibility, encouraging excellence and ensuring that all work together toward common objectives across their ministries in support of the Vision of Northampton. His responsibilities will include assisting in staff selection, and he will guide, encourage, and evaluate the staff as the supervisor. He must be able and willing to delegate where appropriate.Vision: The Lead Minister will demonstrate the capability to work with the Elders to establish and own a Vision and the path toward Long-Term Goals. The Vision and goals shall be based on Biblical principles. He will propose programing and ministry activities that align with the jointly developed Vision. These programs will target the community at large while aiding spiritual growth in the membership of Northampton. He will guide the development of all aspects of corporate worship services. He will clearly communicate the connection between the work of the body and the Vision. He will encourage and expect all to serve in ministries where they will exercise their spiritual gifts. He will propose and/or develop training to equip the body to serve effectively.Involvement: The Lead Minister and his family will be committed to Northampton Christian Church and actively participate in church functions, services and ministries. He will encourage others to act the same. This attitude of servant leadership will help Northampton be attractive to members, guests, and the community at large. Character: The Lead Minister shall be a spiritually mature man who holds himself accountable to other Christians including the Elders at Northampton Christian Church. He will be a faithful steward of finances, talents, and time. He will be known as a man of integrity, truthfulness, and compassion. He shall be able to discern the needs of others. He shall be open to Gods leading through personal study and constructive association with mature Christians.Primary Duties:  Serve as primary spokesperson and preacher for the congregation.  Be accountable for every aspect of the corporate worship services; coordinating volunteers and staff duties and reviewing the quality and effectiveness.  Lead the staff through regular staff meetings, mentoring, team building, camaraderie, prayer, and encouragement.  As a spiritually mature man and given the relationship desired between the Lead Minister and the Eldership, he is expected to help hold the Elders accountable.  Work with the Elders to establish and own a Vision.  Plan and direct the execution of Long-Term Goals of the congregation.  Ensure church programming supports the Vision and Long-term Goals.  Actively participate in church functions, services and ministries.  Plan and coordinate visitation and evangelistic outreach ministries.  Maintain a positive attitude and open minded when challenged.  Maintains relationships with others deeply enough to be accountable.  Be available for discussion.  Not in financial distress/lives within means. Quality Elements Evaluation Criteria/Metrics:Doctrine  Displays knowledge of the original language of the Scripture with hermeneutical principles.  Scriptural: proper use of the Word, proper contextPreaching/Teaching  Be open to congregations feedback.  Show respect and gentleness as evident in conversation and attitudes with others.  Display knowledge of the original language of the Scripture with hermeneutical Principles.  Display passion/intensity.  Scriptural: proper use of Word, proper context  Life application must be clearly identifiable in the message.  Preaching presentation must not detract from spoken word (includes demeanor, physical appearance and apparent indecision).Leadership  Evidence of leadership successes including demonstration of the qualities listed.  Honest self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses in this area to be verified by reference.  Training and capability in leadership and administration  Mentorship  Servant attitude  Leadership by exampleVision  Evidence of execution planning and program development through work product  He should be cognizant of available resources to meet these objectives, understanding how to use them and how to access them. These resources will be useful for visual and auditory aspects of worship.  The ability to enlist and motivate volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Involvement  Observation and feedback from current congregation  References  Personal interactions  Activities he has been engaged in both inside and outside the ChurchCharacter  Positive attitude when challenged.  Relationships with others deep enough to be accountable.  Available for discussion.  Not in financial distress/lives within means.  Known as man of integrity.  Ability to discern others needs.
  • Position Name
    Lead Minister
  • Position Location
    Hampton, VA, United States of America
  • Position Start Date
    2024-07-22 00:00:00

Position Ministry Type

  • Preaching/Senior

Position Employment Type

  • Full-time

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Lead Minister

Marlon Crowder Elder
(757) 593-8620 [email protected] 1409 Todd's Lane Hampton, VA, United States of America