Zachary King
OCC Graduation Year: 2017

Ministry Interests

Associate (Support Staff), Discipleship/Small Group, Internships, Preaching/Senior, Tech Ministry, Worship/Music

Quick Glance

Hi! My name's Zach King—I'm high energy, enthusiastic, and I absolutely love teaching and people. My ideal vocation would be one in which I get to work on a ministry team, engage in highly relational ministry, and have opportunities to teach or preach somewhat regularly. With a preaching mentorship under my belt, some experience supply preaching, and an education from some of the best preachers I know (Dr. Mark Scott and OCC President Matt Proctor), I feel prepared to jump into the real-life school that is ministry experience. If that experience entails getting to work alongside people who have already walked long miles down the road called "ministry", all the better! I'm eager to learn. While knowing people and teaching are my passions, I also enjoy leading worship, with three years worship-leading experience under my belt (most of those in high school). As a kicker, I'm also fluent in Spanish! Having grown up on the misison field, I now enjoy all the perks of having doors thrown wide open with Hispanics by mere virtue of being able to speak the language! As such, I would love to live and work in the city, where my Spanish abilities could be put to good use! If you're looking for someone who likes to teach, loves loving on people, and is eager to work on a church team to see God impact your city (and through your city, the world!)—that's me! Take a look at my résumé, and please shoot me an email or give me a call! I'd love to talk!

Ministry Experience

- One summer interning at Highland Park Christian Church in Tulsa, a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-socioeconomic church that is GOOD at loving people and desires to see Tulsa transformed by the power of the gospel. I shadowed and aided their pastor, helped plan several sermon series, preached once at the end of the summer, and gained valuable pastoral care experience by shadowing a Tulsa Police and Fire chaplain on the job.
- Some experience supply preaching. Though I don't preach anywhere regularly, I usually preach two to three times a semester through the supply preaching chain. Often, I'm invited to come back and speak (usually because of my high energy, enthusiasm, and passion for teaching)!
- Two years as a Resident Assistant (RA) in Williamson Hall, Ozark Christian College. This role has required me to assume spiritual leadership on the floor, which I accomplish mostly through intentional personal relationships. (My favorite way to do this is through lunch meetings!) I've held men accountable in their spiritual walks, had others hold me accountable, lead weekly devotionals (or delegated this responsibility to other leaders on the floor), counseled men in crises, resolved conflict through mediation, and enforced school policies when necessary.
- Three years' experience in Creative Arts. Through working for OCC's Tech Crew, I've learned the ins-and-outs of the technical production world, specializing in live video production, but dabbling in live lighting and sound. While tech isn't my passion, it's something I enjoy and have grown skilled at. (For example, while interning at Highland Park, I helped them set up a vieo system so that they could broadcast sermon video to the lobbies.)
- Three years leading worship in high school. Though I haven't been a "worship leader" since 2012, I've been involved in worship teams throughout all my college years, and worship remains a passion of mine! I have experience organizing practices, making setlists, managing weekly worship rotations, and leading worship for a youth group of 100 people. Though not my first and foremost passion, I could definitely see myself leading worship at a church if I also had a teaching outlet (for example, teaching a few times a year)!

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