Gordon Blankenship

Gordon Blankenship
OCC Graduation Year: Attended
[email protected]

Ministry Interests

Associate (Support Staff), Camp Ministry, Executive/Administrative, Preaching/Senior

Quick Glance

A talented and motivated minister who desires to serve God in all things at all times. Highly adept at problem solving, fiscal management, and multi-tasking. Familiar with all aspects of office administration, including time management and expense reporting. Skilled relationship builder and trusted advisor. High achiever and lifelong learner.

Ministry Experience

Pastor/sole staff person: First Christian Church of Blandinsville (9 years). Preaching, teaching, worship, counseling, administrative, maintenance, etc. Camp board member: Lamoine Christian Service Camp (7 years) - board president (4 years). I've been in church my entire life and attended a private Christian school (I learned to read using the Bible).

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