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Three Initiatives

1. Dormitory Renovation ($3.8M)

At over 50 years old, OCC's dorms are showing their age. These dollars will renovate three of our six dorms—two at $1.4 million each and another already-partially-renovated dorm at $1 million.

Renovation includes remodeled bathrooms, plumbing and electrical upgrades, HVAC units, windows, carpet, paint, a dorm kitchenette, and room furniture (beds, desks, dressers).

2. Graduate Program ($400K)

These dollars will launch a new graduate program in fall 2022, covering start-up costs for accreditation, marketing, and technology. The Master of Arts in Biblical Ministry will include three concentrations: Biblical Studies, Spiritual Formation, and Strategic Leadership.

Many who graduate with a bachelor's degree in another field hear God's call later in life. They want and need biblical training, and this graduate program will equip those students to "go and make disciples."

3. Student Grants ($1.7M)

The pandemic resulted in a smaller freshman class in fall 2020, which will affect our budget the next three years. This initiative gives our general fund a little extra help so we can remain debt free.

Specifically, these dollars underwrite our international student grants and need-based student grants for the next three years. These two general fund grants help students—who might otherwise not be able to come—prepare for God's call.

Now More Than Ever

Now more than ever, the world needs the gospel...which means the church needs leaders. But the number of schools preparing Great Commission leaders is dwindling. Some have closed their doors, while others with broader missions aren't producing as many as we need. This makes the ministry of OCC all the more strategic. Would you partner with us in training kingdom workers?

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