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To Combat the Darkness

By: President Matt Proctor

Like many of you, as I watched the video of George Floyd this week, I was appalled, grieving, and angry. Appalled at the disregard for this man’s life. Grieving for his loved ones. Angry at the darkness in human hearts (including my own) that leads to racism, apathy, injustice, and pride.

To combat the darkness, there are things we should do beyond praying. Yesterday in Kansas City, my daughter Lydia joined a peaceful protest, and Ozark’s Diversity Department and chapel team are already rescheduling a multiethnic panel (which the pandemic forced us to cancel this spring) to discuss the ministry of reconciliation. We must not only lament; we must listen, learn, and labor for change.

But to combat the darkness, there is nothing we should do before praying. Prayer is always our first and best response. So using Psalms as our guide, please join me this week in taking a day to fast and pray for:

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