Remembering Dr. Lynn Gardner

By: Amy Storms

Our hearts are saddened at the passing of our friend and beloved former academic dean and professor, Dr. Lynn Gardner. Dr. Gardner served at OCC from 1973-2006 (1981-1998 as academic dean). 

President Matt Proctor writes, "As a family man, Lynn Gardner was a steady shepherd to his wife, kids, and grandkids. As OCC's academic dean, Dr. Gardner was a steady leader, keeping us true to our mission. As a colleague, Dr. Gardner was a steady encourager to me and countless others, and as follower of Christ, he was a steady example of faithfulness even in suffering. I am deeply grateful for his life and legacy."

Former Academic Dean Dr. Mark Scott writes, "Lynn Gardner (known to many as Mr. Bibliography) was the epitome of the ideal Bible College Professor. He was a man of many virtues, uncompromising values, and deep convictions. He was tough-minded, tenderhearted, and servant directed. His work in evidential apologetics was intellectually refreshing in a world of mushy truth claims. His godly wisdom and precise thinking were sanity checks for all those who worked alongside him. He believed that OCC was not just a Bible College but a vision of teaching the Word of Christ in the Spirit of Christ. He loved his wife Barbara with total fidelity, and he had a humble pride in his children and grandchildren. He possessed the mind of Christ (Phil. 2:5) so that Christ could be formed in the rest of us (Gal. 4:19)."

Academic Dean Doug Aldridge writes, "Dr. Lynn Gardner left an indelible mark on OCC, with his steadfast leadership and keen mind. A mind that was transformed by Christ, shaped by Scripture, and informed by history. I am forever grateful for his investment in my life and the life of the college."

Last April, President Proctor wrote about Dr. Gardner—"The Marshmallow Iron"—in his weekly message to students. Read his thoughts here. While we grieve Lynn's absence here, we rejoice that he is in the presence of the Lord he loves.

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