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Mark Scott’s Greatest Kingdom Impact

By: President Matt Proctor

The article title grabbed my attention: “Preachers Matter More Than Presidents.” Presidents matter, it said, but they can’t fix our nation’s deepest problems. The guy in the Oval Office cannot change hearts, but with the gospel, the guy in the church office can. “By the foolishness of preaching,” God saves the world (1 Cor 1:27).

If that’s true, OCC preaching professor Mark Scott has made a bigger eternal impact than any U.S. president—and we need your help to continue that impact. Read on to find out how….

In my first preaching ministry at age 23, I called on some first-time church visitors. The Richards welcomed me into their living room, and I was curious to learn about this young couple. In our eclectic university town, I was used to hearing unexpected questions, but Jennifer Richards’ first question still startled me: “Was Mark Scott your preaching professor?”

“Yes,” I said, unable to hide my surprise. “How do you know Mark? And how in the world did you know he was my teacher?” “Mark has preached at our home church,” said Dale Richards. “When we heard you last Sunday, we looked at each other and said, ‘He preaches just like Mark Scott.’”

It still might be the best compliment I’ve ever received. Since I first enrolled at Ozark, Mark Scott has been my kingdom hero, and I’m not the only young preacher Mark has shaped. Over his 35 years at OCC, Mark has inspired generations of students with:

Mark’s writing, including his Bible study column in the Christian Standard, is widely read, and his preaching at conventions, CIY conferences, and churches large and small has touched hundreds of thousands of lives. But as powerful as his preaching is, I believe Mark Scott’s greatest impact lies elsewhere.…

At age 19, I sat in Mark’s preaching class, and I heard him bleed passion for proclamation: “Preaching God’s Word is like wiring your house with the electricity on—you’re handling live power, so it’s always exciting!” My soul stirred when Mark said, “If God has called you to be a preacher, do not stoop to be a king.” I remember praying, “God, if you can use me as a preacher, I’m yours.”

I believe Mark Scott’s greatest kingdom impact are the students, like me, that he has inspired to preach God’s Word. Thousands of students have passed through Mark’s classes at OCC. Just think: if, over his 35 years, he inspired 3,500 students to preach, and if each student touches an average of 3,500 lives throughout their ministry, that’s 12 million people eternally shaped by the gospel!

I’m grateful for the good work our U.S. presidents do, but the article is right: “Preachers Matter More Than Presidents.” Would you help prepare the next generation of gospel proclaimers?

At the end of this school year, Mark Scott will retire from full-time teaching at Ozark. (Though not from ministry. Like the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps going, so at age 68, he’ll become the preacher at Joplin’s Park Plaza Christian Church.) But OCC’s work of training preachers will continue.

Dr. Jason Poznich now serves as Director of the Biblical Communication Department. (Jason and the other three of us who teach in that department were all once taught by Mark Scott.) This year, we have 42 Biblical Communication majors, and those 42 students receive $65,000 in general fund scholarships. Would you honor Mark Scott in his last year by helping provide that $65,000 in scholarships for our preaching students?

You’ll be helping students like Derieck Lopez. Derieck is a senior and the weekend preacher at Conway Christian Church in Conway, Missouri. Not long ago, Derieck took a freshman with him to Conway, and afterward, Derieck thought, “He has no idea, and he hasn’t even taken a preaching class yet. But someday he will be my successor here.” The fire Mark Scott lit in Derieck’s heart to preach will soon burn in that freshman’s heart.

If the article I saw is right, there is no better investment than training preachers, and the $65,000 in scholarships will help prepare more students like Derieck. In this COVID-shaped year, finances are tight, so your gift will make a big difference. Thank you for considering a gift in honor of Mark Scott to send out the next generation of gospel preachers.

Yours in Christ,

Matt Proctor

P.S. To express your appreciation to Mark, send him a note at [email protected] And for a blessing, listen to his chapel sermon last year, “Jesus Loves You and Died for Your Sins,” at occ.edu/markscott. Oh, and have a very merry Christmas!

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