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Handshakes Returning Fall 2021

By: Chad Ragsdale

A message to current OCC students, from Academic Dean-Elect Chad Ragsdale

Dear Students,

It’s been a long year. We’ve asked you to do a lot of difficult things this year. We’ve asked you to wear masks and maintain physical distance from each other. We’ve asked you to attend hybrid classes, endure quarantines, and have a cotton swab jammed up your nose. We’ve asked you to wash your hands, but honestly, you should have been doing that already. It wasn’t always popular, but we did all these things and more because it was the right and responsible thing to do. Our long year has been a painful year of loss for many people around the world and in our college family. As we near the end of our long year, it’s good to pause and to pray a word of thanksgiving and a word of comfort. 

Witnessing your hard work and perseverance this year has been inspiring. Under difficult circumstances, you continued to study, to serve, and to worship—often with a James 1 type of joy that only comes in the midst of trials. It could be that years in the future, you will look back on this season with a strange sense of pride in what you and your peers were able to overcome. I’ve never been as proud to be a part of the Ozark family as I am this year.

That said, I think we’re all looking forward to turning the page on this year. Personally, I’m excited to become Ozark’s sixth academic dean next school year. I’m humbled by the example of those who have preceded me, and I plan to continue their legacy in leading our Bible-centered academic programs as we continue in our mission to train men and women for Christian service.

I am also excited for a return to normalcy in the next school year. I’m excited about a return to hugs and handshakes, to serving and worshiping together as one family, to cultivating the type of deep, abiding community that has always been a hallmark of our campus. I’m excited about a return to all the things that make Ozark Ozark. This long year hasn’t changed God’s purposes or his calling on our lives. If anything, our task has never been more urgent and more relevant.

As we anticipate school next year, I want you to put April 5 on your calendar. That is the day fall registration opens for those students who have completed 60 credit hours. All other students will be able to register beginning April 7. We also want every student to meet in person with his or her academic adviser in April—even students who think they will not be returning in the fall. Look for an email from your adviser to set up a time to meet. In the meantime, you can read the fall course schedule here. 

God bless you in your studies this semester!

Chad Ragsdale
OCC Academic Dean-Elect

P.S. Watch "Handshakes Returning" here.

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