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Can I Afford to Go Back to College?

By: Christian Shultz

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Adult students have two main fears when it comes to going back to college: how much is it going to cost? And how much time will it take?

One of the core values at Ozark Christian College is to offer rigorous, biblical ministry training at an affordable price. We’re proud to our offer a flat tuition and fees rate of $400 per credit hour (with no hidden fees) for our online courses. Your only other expense is your books, which we estimate around $100 per module. It’s also important to mention that our Online Learning program is fully eligible for federal financial aid.

What about your time commitment? We estimate that students spend roughly 12-17 hours a week on classwork for a given class. A handful of factors impact this estimate, including reading speed, typing proficiency, ability to articulate thoughts and general online proficiency.

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