St. Peter's Community Bible Fellowship

Non-Denominational, Bible Believing Fellowship, open to genuine moves of the Spirit, desiring to transform for the Next Generation.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
2 20-25 Muncy Valley, PA United States

Contact Information


Rev. Wyatt L. Timmins
phone   5702201857

1057 Edkin Hill Rd
Muncy Valley
Muncy Valley, PA 17758

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Preaching/Senior, Other Pastoral Paid Part-Time 20-30

Job Summary

Ministry Position You are... A younger married couple or single, young man. You know that God has called you into Pastoral Ministry. Bible School/College is either completed or in your future. If married, you are a couple that prays together...if you are not, you should stop reading this right now and develop a prayer life with your spouse. You believe with total conviction that the Holy Spirit can and does continue to move as He did in the early church but you feel no need to attempt to fabricate or force a move of the Spirit. You are confident that you have something to offer to a church that is seeking to reach out in new ways to community. You understand what it means to be a 'Tent Maker' per example of the Apostle Paul. (We will provide a permanent housing salary but there is no question that it will be necessary to hold at least part time jobs until such time as the church can support a full time salary.) You have either lived in rural America most of your life or you know that you want to raise your future family away from city life. You are eager to learn Pastoral Ministry and you understand that there are no worth-while-short-cuts to learning genuine, effective ministry. You are willing to invest a few years serving in a multi-functional capacity including: a. Developing a Children and Youth Ministry b. Participating on a worship team (if those skills are part of your gifting) c. Develop and manage multimedia outreach and communications (If those skills are part of your gifting.) d. Commit to work close with the current Senior Pastor- Husband & Wife team in order to eventually transition into the Lead Pastor responsibility. e. Committed to further developing your Biblical Knowledge with personal study and provided course studies. We are... A small, non-denominational country church located in Sullivan County PA. We have spent the past 5 years transitioning from a liturgical/denominational discipline to an independent Community Bible Fellowship. We have moved away from a hymn based worship to contemporary to moves of the Spirit . (The current team is small but always praying for additional worshipers.) This Fellowship is small in number and mighty in faith and love. We are preparing for the Next Generation and looking for that young Pastoral candidate or couple to walk in humility with us as we complete the transformation into a relevant outreach, in touch with the times and seasons which lay ahead. We encourage you to prayerfully seek the Lord and be certain that we are looking for you by the descriptions above. We will of course, look for references from you, by current and/or past spiritual leaders who are able to speak on your behalf concerning the gifts and calling in your life. We believe that this is an open door for a particular man of God or couple that has been praying for as opposed to an opportunity that many might be able to respond to. If you are this man of God or couple, let's begin with an Email ( expressing your heart as it pertains to what you have read here. May God smile upon all that you set your heart and hands to do! Rev. Wyatt L. Timmins St. Peters Community Bible Fellowship Sullivan County, PA

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Applicant Requirements

All we require is a confirmed, demonstrated call to lead in a Pastoral capacity, not bound to a denominational doctrine but instead, embraces that the Bible interprets the Bible and has a heart to serve in in a long-term, multi-functional ministry in a rural community. Email ( expressing your heart as it pertains to what you have read here. May God smile upon all that you set your heart and hands to do! Rev. Wyatt L. Timmins St. Peters Community Bible Fellowship Sullivan County, PA