Solsberry Christian Church

SCC Theme and Focus “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” SCC’s theme and web banner is “Loving God, Serving People”. SCC Mission Statement We exist to express love for God and His love for every person; uniting people into a saving and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and His Church, so that they may know and obey his Word, fulfilling His purposes in their lives. A Brief History SCC was founded in 1914. In 1916, the congregation built its first building in Solsberry. In 1963, the congregation moved to a new location (current location) and built a new worship and education facility. In 1970, the church hired its first full-time minister. During his tenure, Sunday morning attendance rose from around 100 to more than 150. During the ensuing 20+ years, attendance rose and ebbed with high’s in the 160-180 range in the late 1980’s and lows around 120-30 range early 1990’s. In 2000, the congregation broke ground on a new worship/auditorium facility that was completed in 2002. A stewardship program preceded the building project that raised ½ of the $650,000 cost of the facility. The remaining loan balance was paid off in less than 3 years. In 2016, SCC engaged David Vaughan, Senior Minister at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, as a consultant to lead us through a church health survey project. Pastor Vaughan continues to provide consulting advice as SCC implements the recommendations that resulted from the survey project. The average annual attendance for the prior ten years has been just over 200. Average annual attendance for calendar 2016 was 180. Between 400 and 500 people would likely refer to Solsberry Christian Church as their “home church”. Elders, Deacons and Leaders SCC currently has three elders and the senior minister serves as a preaching elder. The elders reach agreement on issues through prayer, analysis, and discussion and more prayer. In matters of significance, a decision is not taken unless the elders are unified in purpose and thought. The elders will often consult with the staff, deacons and other ministry leaders in the church on significant issues. SCC has seven men who serve as deacons. SCC is in the process of identifying other qualified men to serve as elders or deacons. With the addition of new deacons, the elders are committed to a transition from the more traditional role to a more Biblical, Acts 6 ministry-leader role, for the deacons. Staff SCC employed a Seniors Minister, Associate/Youth/Children’s Minister, a part-time worship coordinator, secretary and college interns from time-to-time. The elders are in the process of developing a job description for a volunteer or part-time children’s ministry coordinator. SCC has an on-going consulting relationship with David Vaughan, Senior Minister at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, near Cincinnati, Ohio. Facilities The congregation owns 11 acres of property on the east side of Solsberry. The church presently has approximately 17,000 square feet of worship, fellowship, and education space. Current paved and gravel parking lots have approximately 140 designated parking spaces, with grass overflow areas capable of handling another 30 vehicles. Both the auditorium and Fellowship Hall are equipped with multi-channel soundboards, video/data projectors, computers, and DVD capabilities. Worship The congregation moved from traditional piano/organ-driven hymn singing in the early-middle 1990’s to a blended worship style. The worship team currently consists of 3 – 4 singers, electric piano, electric bass, electric guitar, electric drums, and acoustic/rhythm guitar. Location Solsberry is a rural community located approximately 15 miles, and 20-25 minutes southwest of Bloomington (home of Indiana University). It is about an hour and 15 minutes from Indianapolis, about 2 hours from Evansville, and about 2 hours from Louisville. Community The Solsberry community is part of Eastern Greene County, Indiana. Greene County is one of the largest and poorest counties in Indiana. Because of Solsberry’s proximity to both Bloomington/Indiana University and the CRANE Naval Surface Warfare facility (15 minutes to the south) the community includes a wide socio-economic cross-section ranging from families that live in abject poverty to families that live in substantial prosperity, interspersed throughout the community. Some demographic data that a church growth consultant gathered for SCC in the early 1990’s indicated that approximately 5,000 souls live within a 10-mile radius from Solsberry. Schools Because there is no incorporated town or city in Eastern Greene County, the Eastern Greene Schools are the activity hub and focal point of the community. The Eastern Greene High school (grades 9 – 12) is located approximately ¼ miles from the combined Middle School (grades 5 – 8) and Elementary School (K- 4) facility. The school is open and receptive to area churches, youth ministers, and student organized faith-based activities (e.g. See You at the Pole). The school corporation enrolls approximately 1,300 students in K – 12 and is in Class 2A for all high school sports except football (1A).

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
4 200 Solsberry, IN United States

Contact Information


Don Thie
phone   812-825-5222

10825 E. Christian Church Rd.
Solsberry, IN 47459

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Grade School Youth and Children's Minister Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Summary

Job Description/Primary Areas of Responsibilities  Leadership – Model and promote Biblical values and principles, in a manner consistent with core principles of Independent Christian/Restoration Movement Churches. Guide the elders, deacons, ministry leaders and youth and children ministry teams in promoting a ministry based on Biblical principles. Communicate God’s Word with clarity, compassion, boldness, and passion. Actively participate in elder and deacon meetings, providing input and counsel in matters relating to youth/children’s ministry and other aspects of the overall ministry efforts of the church.  Evangelism – Lead and equip God’s young people in becoming Disciples and Kingdom Workers who are intentional about sharing Christ’s love and His story with people as a habit of life. Provide overall vision, direction and development for youth and children’s ministries through discipleship/small group and evangelistic outreach ministries. Actively participate in school functions, direct student outreach on campus (Elem, Middle, High School) in the community, and missionary outreach activities.  Worship – Provide vision and direction to the children and youth worship services in coordination with worship director and Sr. minister. Provide guidance to, and ensure collaboration with, those who lead youth and children’s worship. Work closely with Senior Minister and Worship Coordinator to create regular involvement of youth and children in Sunday morning worship, and adults in children’s church worship.  Ministry/Leadership Development – Encourage and equip those committed to children and youth ministry to become more effective servants and shepherds/mentors for young Christ-followers. Provide oversight of youth and children’s ministry team leaders, including children’s or youth ministry interns and part-time volunteer or paid children’s or youth director. Develop and oversee a sustainable evening or afterschool Children’s ministry to complement Jr/Sr high group. Integrate youth/children’s program with adult ministry program in coordination with Sr. Minister and ministry team leaders. Develop more inter-generational experiences for youth, children, and adults.  Pastoral Care – Develop an effective member-minister pastoral care ministry team among the youth and their families. Build relationships with youth, children, and parents where they are (sporting events, school/community projects, church events, concerts, conferences etc.) Actively engage in outreach and relationship-building with students, staff, and faculty of community schools. Be available for pastoral and evangelistic calls in cooperation/coordination with the Senior Minister, elders, and deacons.  Administration and Staff Matters –Work closely with, and under the day-to-day supervision of, the senior minister to develop a well-coordinated team approach to youth and children’s ministry within the overall framework of the congregation’s purpose and mission. Effectively organize and provide general direction for the Youth and Children’s ministry leaders, coordinators, and staff (interns, part-time ministry directors, etc.) Provide guidance in developing policies and procedures with Sr. Minister in relation to youth and children’s ministry. Coordinate the use of facilities for youth and children’s events, activities and meetings with ministry staff and church office.

Applicant Requirements

Minimum Qualifications  Commitment to living a balanced life, seeking to live a life consistent with the “above reproach” requirements as set forth in I Timothy 3:1-12 and Titus 1:5-9  Undergraduate or graduate degree in youth/children’s ministry or related field from a Restoration Movement or doctrinally comparable Bible college/university or seminary.  3 years of previous youth and children’s ministry experience  Education focus on children and youth ministry  Willingness to participate in an extended ministry tenure of at least 3 – 5 years