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New Brunswick Church of Christ, Lebanon, IN - Preaching Minister

New Brunswick Church of Christ


Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
2 85 Lebanon, IN USA

Contact Information

Rick Shonkwiler
mail   [email protected]
phone   (859) 653-0692

Lebanon, IN

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Preaching/Senior Preaching Minister Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Summary

OPEN- PREACHING MINISTER ROLE! New Brunswick Church of Christ, Lebanon, IN is in search of our next Preaching Minister. We are looking for a preacher who provides spiritual and pastoral leadership to the members and serves as the spiritual leader of the church to fulfill its mission and purpose as taught in the Bible. New Brunswick looks to bring a young minister in to help him grow in his preaching or a leader who is more established to help them grow in their outreach to the community. Salary is negotiable and parsonage is available. Think you would be a great fit for this role? Become a candidate below. 

Job Description

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Applicant Requirements

Email [email protected] with resume. Use “New Brunswick” in the subject line. Text 859.653.0692 for job description and more information. Please leave your name and email.

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