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Little Rock Church, Little Rock, AR - Lead Pastor

Little Rock Church

Little Rock Church is called to be a church where growing, committed followers of Jesus submit to spiritual formation into the likeness of Christ, demonstrate a lifestyle of worship, live in community, and reach out to others.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
10 126 Little Rock, AR United States

Contact Information

link   https://littlerockchurch.org/

Rishard Bournes
mail   [email protected]
phone   (713) 300-9665

Little Rock, AR 77098

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Preaching/Senior Lead Pastor Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Description

The Lead Pastor's Responsibilities Include:

Job Summary

We are seeking a Lead Pastor to carry on the values of Little Rock Church while working to make disciples for Jesus Christ. The Lead Pastor will be the teaching shepherd for this body of believers, with primary responsibility for teaching God’s Truth. He will provide leadership with the elders and pastoral staff, assisting the elder board to guard the doctrine of the church from error, and helping each person to grow to spiritual maturity.

Applicant Requirements

Education & Experience: Seven plus years of experience in effective Biblical teaching, preaching in a pastoral/ministry role focused on discipleship and equipping. Bachelor’s Degree is required. A seminary degree or equivalent education is required. Documented track record of leading, equipping, and working with the ministry team members, other staff, and volunteers. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Experience with small groups (house churches) as a key strategy for church growth and discipleship. Ability to recruit, train, develop, and motivate people for leadership and the church community for hands-on ministry. Effective and efficient communicator with staff, leadership, and the body through sermons, staff communication, and one on one. Highly relational interpersonal skills, demonstrating authenticity, energy, enthusiasm, and passion for ministry and people. Strong leadership skills including the ability to develop and articulate a mission/vision, build support and engage the church community and surrounding community in fulfilling its purpose. Ability to partner and collaborate with staff and church leadership and to develop goals and execute plans to achieve them. Personal Characteristics & Qualifications: Evidence of a committed, mature, and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. A passion for discipleship. Be an excellent communicator of God’s Word. Be Biblically sound. Have the heart of a Shepherd for the congregation and the community. Energized by being around people. Apply HERE: https://www.vanderbloemen.com/job/little-rock-church-lead-minister

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