Liberty Christian Church

Liberty was founded in April 1961, and its membership is comprised of individuals and families of all ages, including many children and young families. Sunday morning services would be described as contemporary, with weekly attendance averaging approximately 100 people. Liberty is strategically located on Route 360 in the heart of Mechanicsville, VA, a middle-class suburb of Richmond, VA. Mechanicsville is a growing town of 40,000, sitting 10 miles from downtown Richmond and 12 miles from the Richmond International Airport. At Liberty, our mission is to WIN people to Christ, to EQUIP believers to make disciples, and to SERVE others, all for the Glory of God. We are seeking a versatile, motivated and organized leader as Senior Minister to lead Liberty Christian Church’s various ministry efforts.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
N/A 100 Mechanicsville, VA, VA USA

Contact Information


Rhett Edwards

Mechanicsville, VA, VA

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Preaching/Senior Senior Minister Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Summary

The Senior Minister is primarily responsible for preaching and teaching God’s word through our Sunday morning service and in our Bible School and Wednesday night programs. We are also looking for the Senior Minister to take charge of our evangelism and relationship development efforts, strengthening relations with those inside and outside the congregation. He will be responsible for the administrative efforts of the church, leading a staff that includes a Youth Director, Worship Leader and Secretary.

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Preaching / Teaching: Prepare and deliver Sunday morning sermons that encourage spiritual growth in church members. Provide necessary organizational structure and oversee teaching for Sunday morning Bible School and Wednesday night Bible studies (and teach classes, as needed) Evangelism and Relationship Development: Develop strong personal relationships with members of the congregation and visitors, through regular calling, sick/well visits Define and coordinate plan for personal evangelism and community outreach. Provide spiritual guidance and counseling to congregation members (i.e. marriage, etc.) Administrative: Oversee church administrative functions and efforts of other staff, including but not limited to Youth Director, Worship Leader, and Secretary. This includes planning and coordinating activities and promoting to the congregation and in the community. Collaborate with Elders and Deacons to define long-range vision and strategy for Liberty Christian Church. Attend and participate in regular Leadership Team meetings. Emphasize the connection between Liberty Christian Church (LCC) and Liberty Christian School (LCS) through developing relationships with the staff and teachers of LCS, along with as many of the parents and caregivers of LCS students as possible. Other relevant information: The Senior Minister is expected to work at least forty hours each week, with two days off each week Office hours will be flexible and need-driven; we desire that the Senior Minister be available in the office from 9-11am on most days 3 weeks of paid vacation each year 1 week of paid leave for training / development Six paid holidays will be given including: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If these holidays fall on a Sunday or the other non-working day of the week, an alternative day off may be taken. When an alternative day is taken it must be coordinated with the elders/leadership team. Additional time will be provided for involvement with outside revivals, conferences, and training as necessary and as approved by the elders/leadership team as outlined in the employment contract.