Kimball Church of Christ

It's the people that make this Christian church special to all.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
4 250 Kimball, MN USA

Contact Information


Pastor Kevin White
phone   320-398-3660

241 State Hwy. 55 W.
Kimball, MN 55353

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Worship/Music Worship Minister Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Summary

The Role of the Worship Minister: To lead the Kimball Church of Christ in our worship to God and to encourage the congregation to develop the purpose of worship in their daily and corporate worship. (Our belief is that worship is primarily our ministry to God for He alone is worthy of our worship! it is not simply a performance for the congregation’s enjoyment).

Additionally, the Worship Minister will seek to enlist, equip, encourage, and empower members and friends of the Kimball Church of Christ with artistic gifts and abilities to use their talents for the Glory of God.

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Applicant Requirements

Please submit resumes to or by mail. All staff shall perform the responsibilities of their respective position within the guidelines of the Core Competencies as outlined below: 1. Self-management skills a. Devotes time and attention to personal spiritual growth. b. Effectively manages time through planning and organization of daily work and long-term projects. c. Strives for excellence in both the quality and quantity of work. d. Seeks and values feedback. Open to suggestions for improvement. 2. Staff Relationships a. A team player who fosters a cooperative spirit with the congregation and community. b. Maintains a good working relationship with the Elders, Church Board, Ministry Committees and other Staff. c. Major new initiatives are approved in advance by the Eldership. d. Provides a monthly report of activities. 3. Interpersonal skills a. Exhibits the fruit of the Spirit in relationships. b. Projects a favorable impression of the church’s mission and vision while working with members, friends, and the community. c. Deals with conflict according to biblical principles while demonstrating sensitivity, tact, and maturity. d. Balances personal responsibilities effectively, especially those to family. 4. Ministry Management Skills a. Demonstrates overall qualities of leadership in ministry. b. Effectively manages the goals and plans for their specific area of ministry. c. Seeks opportunities to enhance ministry skills by keeping abreast of current trends in their area of their ministry. d. Continually recruits and trains members of the congregation by effectively equipping and involving them in ministry. 5. Personal Growth a. Maintains a growing relationship with God and models the love of Christ. b. Actively pursues personal growth through a healthy devotional life, seminars, workshops, conferences & continuing education. c. Schedules personal time off and family time each week as well as the allowed time for vacation.