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Global City Mission Initiative, Winder, GA - GCMI Summer Internship

Global City Mission Initiative

Missions Agancy

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
12 N/A Winder, GA United States

Contact Information

link   https://globalcitymission.org/training/summer-internship/

Joey Durmire
mail   [email protected]
phone   (678) 467-5712

214 W Sycamore Dr.
Winder, GA 30680

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
International, Para Church Organizations GCMI Summer Internship Internship 30-40+

Job Summary

Summer internships with Global City Mission involve cross-cultural experience. You will be expected to engage either a migrant or multiethnic community in the city where you will be serving. In our increasingly diverse society, gaining cross-cultural experience is an important part of your learning both as a disciple of Jesus and in your professional life. Summer internships with Global City Mission encourage you to take initiative. What does it look like when disciple-maker, missionary, church planter, or similar worker arrives in a new city with plans to reach new people? Global City Mission will mentor & guide you through your Summer experience as you learn to manage your own schedule, take initiative, and engage new communities for the first time. It is an invaluable opportunity to learn, grow, challenge yourself, and discover how God can work in you in new & maybe even surprising ways. Summer internships with Global City Mission help to equip you in relational evangelism, starting discovery groups, and similar disciple-making practices. Whether or not you see missions in your long-term future, spending your Summer reaching out in a globally diverse metropolitan area with Global City Mission will help you grow as a disciple-maker. We look forward to serving as your guide as you learn to serve the nations next door. This summer, interns will be serving alongside our team in Tampa, FL. To learn more about Summer internship opportunities with Global City Mission, contact us & let us know more about your interest in missions in global cities.

Job Description

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Applicant Requirements

Please email Joey, Director of Mobilization, at the email listed above.

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