First Christian Church

First Christian Church is a bedroom community to St Louis. Approximately 15,000 in city. 50,000 within a 10 mile radius. 100,000 in county. Facility was completed in 2007, has 54,000 sp. ft. with ample room for children’s ministry.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
6 600 Washington, MO USA

Contact Information

Dave Smith
phone   6362397560

6890 Hwy 100
Washington, MO 63090

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Other Children's Minister Paid Full-Time N/A

Job Summary

Children’s Minister Job Description 1. Relying upon the power of the Word, Spirit, and prayer, the children’s minister should be a catalyst; - that builds and leads a passionate and effective ministry team of leaders, teachers, and volunteers, - that passes her love for Jesus into the hearts of children by her example and relationships, - that impacts the church family and community, through the energy of the children’s ministry, - that encourages and equips families. 2. Team Member - The Children’s Minister works under, and is directly responsible to, the Administration Minister in matters related to carrying out ministry. - All staff is under the leadership of the Senior Minister. - All staff, including the Senior Minister, is accountable to the elders regarding their spiritual lives and ministry performance. - Regular meetings, communication, prayer, and encouragement will be shared in an effort to build relationships within the staff and church leadership to work as a team. - The children’s ministry is one part of the overall ministry of FCC. The Children’s Minister should support the overall ministry of FCC including making calls (evangelistic, shepherding, hospital, etc…); teaching, preaching, counseling, and supporting other ministries when needed, etc… 3. Personal Life The Children’s Minister must maintain a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a strong marriage and family (if applicable), and a strong witness inside and outside the church. 4. Effective Ministry (Level 1 is the most basic. How will you grow to Level 10?) Level 10 – Effective results (spiritual and numerical impact) and excited volunteers and parents that create a Positive Pulse in the Children’s Ministry, that energizes the church at large, and attracts the community. Level 9 - Providing appropriate and sufficient interaction between parents and Children’s Ministry volunteers (especially with those who work with their children), and sufficient parental knowledge of the Children’s Ministry direction to create confidence and synergy. Level 8 - Training and mentoring additional ministry leaders who have personalized your vision, passion, and direction and can share them with others. Level 7 – Communicating regularly a compelling vision and longer term direction to volunteers and church leaders that gives them motivation and confidence. “You are prepared for the step in front of you. You are getting a peak at the next step. I am many steps ahead of where we are.” Level 6 – As the Children’s Minister, being 1+ years out in front with vision, planning, and initial preparations. Level 5 – Training and equipping volunteers so they can routinely perform at top level and handle the occasional challenging situation positively. Level 4 – Being available to volunteers for support and for solutions when needs arise. Level 3 - People building and ministry to your volunteers individually and as a group. Level 2 – Communicating to volunteers short range direction and expectations in a timely manner. Level 1 – Managing sufficient volunteers (teachers and sponsors) in needed places with proper materials. This job description is not exclusive or exhaustive, but may be changed after discussion with the Children’s Minister, the Senior Minister, the Administration Minister, and the elders as the need would arise.