First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Erie, Kansas

A rural church a little over an hour away from Joplin, MO. We are a Christ-Centered church with a foundation in the Bible, looking to grow past men's traditions.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
3 60 Erie, KS USA

Contact Information

Dr. Michael Haggard
phone   620-605-0430

420 N Webster St
Erie, KS 66733

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Jr/Sr High Student Pastor/Leader Paid Part-Time 1-10

Job Summary

We are looking for a student, freshman or higher, who is interested in a weekend ministry in either/or/all: youth, young adults, worship/music, christian education, outreach. We want you to have a place to minister as much as we need a person to come an minister to others. We would most like someone who has a heart for teens and young adults, but would entertain almost any ministry calling that would fit into our community. Though we are looking for associate work, a student pastor/leader called to preaching would be given what time available for preaching as desired. We are willing to work out a schedule and stipend with housing to fit the applicants expectations and needs as we are able. Student pastor/leader would answer to the Senior Pastor, but be given a great deal of freedom to explore their calling and the ministry needs. Senior Pastor is an Ozark Alumni who was also a student pastor for all the years of his undergraduate work.

Applicant Requirements

A full time student of ministry, any class level, called to ministry. Willing to work in a rural setting; town of 1200 people (more in outlying farms) Interested in helping a long time, traditional, DoC church that is looking to come out as a Christ Centered church reaching all ages and cultures. Self-Starting and Self-Motivated (lots of ministry freedom) and willing to teach/learn from/with Pastor & Elders as a team.