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Fairdale Christian Church, Louisville, KY - Student and Social Media Minister

Fairdale Christian Church

Your New Church Family: On your first Sunday as you walk into the doors of the church, you will be greeted by many smiling warm faces. In our newly renovated lobby space, you will have ample time to talk to individuals who will quickly make you feel right at home. As you look around, you will see plenty of our family in conversation with each other or in a corner praying for one another. Most churches describe their people wearing anything from jeans to suits, but here you may have a hard time finding someone in a suit but plenty of church jeans, you know, the ones with the holes in them. If we had to sum up our church family to you, it would be that our church family doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but we take Jesus very seriously.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
7 450 Louisville, KY USA

Contact Information

link   https://www.fairdalechristian.org

JR Horn
mail   [email protected]
phone   (262) 358-3605

9000 Brown Austin Rd.
Louisville, KY 40118

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Youth, Tech Ministry Student and Social Media Minister Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Description

Character Requirements

Fairdale Christian Church located in Louisville, KY is in search of a biblically grounded, faithfully firm individual to lead our Student and Social Media ministries.  If you describe yourself as Spirit-led, Relational, Storyteller, Team Player or Life Long Learner, then you will find a great fit on our team.  In this high-trust staff culture, you will blend right in with this laid back, problem solving staff that seeks to see real people rooted in Jesus.

General Expectations

When you look at the staff and performance of each individual ministry, you will see a benchmark that each one of your future teammates are being held to.  From being active in the main worship service to tithing, we hold each other accountable so that we are grounded in the work that Jesus is doing here, not the work of our hands.  From serving in a volunteer capacity in a different ministry to participating in a spiritual growth study, we care about you and your growth as a leader in this church.

General Ministry Responsibilities

Student Ministry (6-12 grade)

If there is one area where we are asking you to spend the bulk of your oversight and strength, it would be here, leading the Fairdale Students.  Fairdale Students are a great mix of students ranging from Middle School to High School.  What does success in this role look like?  I'm glad you asked!  We can sum that up in one sentence. 

Real students rooted in Jesus!  See, we told you we could answer that in one sentence.

You will have the ability to have primary oversight of the entire Student Ministry.  This includes the choice and implementation of ministry programing and curriculum.  We are kind of fond of Orange Curriculum if you are wondering.  You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with the other family ministries as resources are created for the whole family.  We also want you out of the building and face to face with students as you disciple them to be real students rooted in Jesus.  Don't forget about the parents!  They need guidance and resourcing on how to lead their son or daughter to be rooted in Jesus too!  You will also have the opportunity to develop and maintain an annual budget for students and be an integral part of all staff meetings where we often talk about service planning and community outreach.

Social Media

In your new ministry role, we are giving you the ability to carry the name of the church and Jesus out on the interwebs!  We all know that social media has grown past the phase of sharing that great picture of the perfect steak you just cooked.  Many individuals are attending church virtually and we don't want to treat them as second class citizens.  You will have the opportunity to create, engage, and deliver compelling content to the church’s various social media platforms.  You aren't a lone ranger!  We don't expect you to do all of this alone and desire for you to recruit and train individuals to partner with you in engaging our church family throughout the week via social media. 

If we had to give a round number to you as to what the ideal split of each role would be, we will just stick with the church rule.  You know, the 80/20 rule.  We desire that you only spend about 20% of your time leading the social media aspect of the church.

What we are Bringing to the Table

We have just spent some time talking about what we are asking you to bring to the table, now it’s our turn.  When you arrive for your interview, you will notice that we have six dedicated rooms in our Family Life Center that are open and available for you to utilize.  One of those rooms being a large worship room.  You heard us say Family Life Center right?  The full size basketball court and walking track above are at your disposal.  You will also have the use of your own office, office equipment, and subscriptions to Adobe Suite and Planning Center.

Job Description

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Applicant Requirements

For more information, check out the Job Description where we go into detail of the goals and responsibilities of the role. We want to make sure you know exactly who we are and how you can see success when you arrive for your first day in the office. To apply, please submit your resume, a video of you teaching, and any other applicable accomplishments that show your leadership and talent to our search director JR Horn at [email protected]

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