Christ's Church of Labette Co.

We are a 16 month old church plant.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
5 120-150 Altamont, KS

Contact Information


Blade Dilldine
phone   918-948-3999

1019 E. 4th St.
Altamont, KS 67330

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Preaching/Senior, Other Church Planting Resident N/A N/A

Job Summary

This letter is to help define a Church Planting Resident Minister role at Christ’s Church of Labette Co. that best helps the Resident Family and helps move the ministries of CCLC forward. It is our desire to provide a great learning environment that allows the Resident to learn, mature and be prepared to enter a Church Plant role or advance a career and fulfill a calling of Ministry. The Resident Ministry position is, “not an offer of hire”. It is an agreed upon time of 2-3 years of a training environment. There will not be rapid change with assigned ministries but rather a set position to create new ministry opportunities from scratch and establish something from start to finish to realize the true leadership capacity of the Resident. A better evaluation of skills can be determined in this environment. Assessments or evaluations will be set up to track leadership and vision capacity of new ministry opportunities being offered to the Resident. Christ’s Church will: 1) Provide learning opportunities 2) Provide evaluations of leadership/vision casting/church planting ability 3) Provide opportunities to create new ministries and test leadership skills 4) Provide opportunities to be around other church planters at Nexus conferences 5) Provide a mentor/coach from the beginning in order to gain knowledge of planting 6) Provide an opportunity to be sent out with the funds to plant a new church in the MOKAN region upon completion of Residency and formal Nexus assessment. Expectations: 1) Start new ministries from scratch while making disciples 2) Immerse yourself in the current church plant in order to gain wisdom on what planting a new church may be like 3) Preach 5-8 times per year in order to learn how to cast vision in a Sunday morning setting Compensation: 1) CCLC will pay the Resident Minister $800 per month 2) Upon creation of a functional revenue generating Ministry, CCLC will increase compensation accordingly to revenue income 3) CCLC will encourage the Resident Minister to officiate weddings and funerals of which both pay on average $100-$150 per opportunity. 4) Blade Dilldine will help train in the area of fundraising that could help with current compensation and be a major foot forward on the planting of a new church 5) Between guaranteed $800 monthly compensation and additional sources of income, the Resident has the potential to earn $1,200 - $1,800 or higher per month. 6) The Resident can determine his own salary according to guaranteed and outside funds raised. 7) CCLC and the Resident Minister can look ahead and review compensation annually 8) CCLC may enter into an official offer of hire during any period of formal evaluation Please be sure to read and seek clarification of the above regarding the Ministry Residency at CCLC. Upon Understanding please sign and date the agreed upon Resident Ministry