Cayuga Christian Church

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
6 200 Cayuga, IN United States

Contact Information


Rick Weir
phone   7654923568

PO BOX 731
Cayuga, IN 47928

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Preaching/Senior Senior Minister Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Summary

Cayuga Christian Church is seeking a Senior Pastor who feels called to join our community. We are a hard-working, compassionate body of believers who long to grow in the knowledge, understanding, grace and love of God. We crave to build relationships that encourage others to have the same longing to grow and understand. We enjoy the fellowship of each other and highly value a bond of community that can only be accomplished through the true love of God. We strive to be of service in love to our neighbors and beyond our borders. As we grow and learn and build each other up, we seek to honor God by fulfilling the mission of Christ, to make disciples. We are a Non-Denominational Christian Church located in Rural West-Central Indiana. Currently, we have 2 Sunday services (8:15 and 10:30) with a combined average of 200. Our other programs include Sunday School, k-6 (Wednesday nights) , JR-SR High(Sunday and Wednesday nights), adult bible study (Wednesday nights), food pantry, and a backpack program. In addition to our preaching minister the church staff consists of a youth minister, worship minister, children’s minister, and an office manager. Please send a resume and cover letter if you meet the following qualifications and expectations. · Bachelors Degree or equivalent from a Christian College or University · Deliver scripturally sound messages during Sunday morning and Wednesday night meetings. · Demonstrate an intentional plan for spiritual growth · Lead the church in establishing short term and long term goals · A life that reflects a desire to maintain high standards of Christian character · Leadership and administrative abilities · Willingness to work alongside elders and other staff members to effectively lead the congregation · Flexibility to take on other tasks as needed · Develop and communicate a clear vision for Cayuga Christian Church

Applicant Requirements

Forward Cover Letter and resume to